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Cafe Bones
Cafe Bones

Cafe Bones

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Café Bones motto… “If it’s good enough for humans then it’s good enough for dogs.”

It all started in April 2000 when 2 women became friends whilst there dogs frolicked in the park. The masterminds; Mary-Anne Danaher and Lynne Blundell are the dog enthusiasts who got permission from Leichhardt Council to transform the shed that the dog obedience school used to use each Sunday.

Mary-Anne Danaher, a mother of 2 and Lynne Blundell, are fulltime freelance journalists and also manage the café. They employ 12 casuals to run the shop.

They stumbled across the ideal situation… with about a kilometre of off-leash area for the dogs to amuse themselves, and a shed they could re-vamp in to café for the owners, they new it would be a hit for both parties involved!

Thinking of both owner and pup, they created the “Puppacino” and “Bone Bix”.

Puppacino is served in a steal bowl, is a stock based drink with froth on top, with sprinkles of herbs to finish is off!!! $2 for this treat!

Bone Bix were originally home-baked morsels and liver treats, but the word got around, and the demand for the treats to hard to keep up with, the owners forced to get them commercially made on mass. The dogs even have there own place to hang out... it’s called the CB Puppacino Bar (CB standing for Club Bones). It’s a small bench about 2ft high and is around from the main counter.

You can also spoil your dog rotten with a Doggy Birthday or a Puppy Name Day. Café Bones make a delicious Birthday Bone Cake with mince and wholemeal flour with a cream cheese icing and sprinkles. Dogs even wear party hats… and you may have wondered, do they sing happy birthday, well, yes they do!

Your dog can become a local by purchasing a Café Bones bandana… colourful dog collars, warm winter coats and other dog accessories are also up for the taking.

For the people there are daily black board specials, a breakfast menu (Turkish toast, organic toast, muesli, eggs), a lunch menu (risotto cakes, veggie rolls, toasted sandwiches) and of course yummy sweets (friands, Portuguese tarts, brownies) just to name a few! Ice-cream cones, coffees, tea, and hot chocolate… at Café Bones they cater for all!

More information & cost

Café Bones
Hawthorne Park Canal Reserve, Canal Road, Leichhardt
Puppacino $2, Bone Bix biscuits 60c each, small packet $2.90, large packet $5.90. Commercial biscuits 45c, Liver treats $5.50. Birthday Cake: Small (3 dogs) $25, Large (6-8 dogs) $35
Tuesday-Friday 4-7pm, Saturday & Sunday 9am-7pm

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