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High Tea
High Tea

High tea

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The tradition of High Tea goes back many years to the late 1700's. In England at that time there were 2 main meals daily, Breakfast and Dinner. Dinner was served very late in the evening, so it was a very long time between meals. The Duchess of Bedford (1788-1861) complained about a "sinking feeling" in the late afternoon. Afternoon tea was her invention to keep her going until dinner. She would invite friends to join her for tea at 5pm. Other hostesses quickly copied her idea. Food at tea included such things as thin crust less sandwiches, shrimp or fish pate, toasted breads with jams and pastries such as scones and crumpets. The emphasis was on presentation and conversation. Today different versions of High Tea can be found worldwide.

Why serve High Tea? It's a very civilized thing to do. Having afternoon tea offers a pleasant break in the day, a chance for quality conversation, relaxation, a good cuppa and time with your friends, mum even grandma!

Tea is the second most popular beverage on the planet!

The Victoria Room

The Victoria Room is a converted garage filled with antiques, a grand piano and a bohemian crowd.

The room is magnificent…armchairs, ottomans and daybeds upholstered in rich brocades, satins and velvets, plump cushions, beaded curtains, lush palms, ceiling fans on high wire suspended from metal-bolted rafters, marble-topped tables, rugs and a dark-concrete floor… a real change from the minimalist bars we so often come across.

The atmosphere is very oldy-worldy, with the echo of funky chill-out tunes, really makes for a welcome contrast.

The food is bursting with flavour, a tasty mix of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours. Moderately priced and perfect for sharing.

The people make this place so unique. From musicians to entrepreneurs, the fashion conscious and the occasional suite, all blended in with the locals, makes for an enjoyable atmosphere.

High Tea consists of traditional little sandwiches, cakes, the finest tea and champagne add a sense of sophistication and occasion.


The Victoria Room, Darlinghurst


Entrée’s $13, the VR Mezze Plate $21 Mains from $17, Desserts from $10
High Tea $25/person + 10% surcharge
Please note that the prices listed are valid at the time of filming.

More information

The Victoria Room Restaurant & Bar
Upstairs at 235 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst
Tuesday-Wednesday 6pm-midnight, Thursday-Saturday 4pm-midnight
High Tea Sunday 2-4pm

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