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Sydney Aquarium
Sydney Aquarium
James Squire
Bungalow 8

King St Wharf

Saturday, September 4, 2004
Dinning out in Sydney has never been easier or glamorous down at King St Wharf … it has it all!

Sydney Aquarium

Sydney Aquarium is Australia’s #1 attraction, with more than 1.2 million visitors a year. Over 11,500 animals and the largest Great Barrier Reef exhibit in the world.

The Aquarium now does exclusive tours. There are 2 to choose from; The Standard Tour - An in depth talk on exhibits within the aquarium & The VIP Tour - Takes you and 4 others on an exclusive backstage visit round the aquarium, focusing on whatever you choose.

The VIP Tour is the way to go if you’re after something a little different. It’s a rare opportunity to see what goes on behind closed doors! Grant Willis will be our VIP guide for the shoot.

You can meet your guide and discuss areas of the aquarium you are interested in seeing. The tour begins at the Platypus with a general talk about the Platypus and the option to go behind the scenes and see the burrow system, the temperatures, etc.

You then proceed to look at the Saltwater Crocodile enclosure followed by the Touch Pool where you’ll have a hands-on experience and be able to pick up many of the creatures that can be found around our waterways, including Shark Eggs and Hermit Crabs.

You can go behind the Scenes of the Seal Sanctuary with a general overview then go behind the sanctuary to see the ‘Seals Bedrooms’ (the pens) where the seals are taken off exhibit and sleep at night. From there to the quarantine tanks where the guide explains what’s in the tank (if there is anything) and the purpose of the quarantine systems.

Behind the Scenes of the Shark Tank - this is where you get to view the shark tunnels from above, see where the divers get in to feed, what they wear (i.e. mesh gloves, etc) whilst feeding, as well as see some shark’s teeth.

The Great Barrier Reef Oceanarium where visitors get to be involved in a surface feed from above the Great Barrier Reef Oceanarium. You are provided with rubber gloves and get to feed prawns, mussels and squid to the inhabitants of the Great Barrier Reef Oceanarium.

Great Barrier Reef Complex opened in October 1998 and includes a tropical touch pool, a live coral cave, coral atoll, 2 circular gateway displays and a massive Great Barrier Reef oceanarium. Water temperature is 25 degrees, 33m long and 13m wide, total area of about 370 sqm with a water depth of 4.5m. There are over 6,000 animals housed in this oceanarium.

We recommend you check out Mango, an extremely rare 2 year old Fluorescent Yellow Port Jackson Shark. It was caught by a Prawn Trawler at the mouth of the Hawkesbury River. It’s the first of its kind seen by Aquarium staff in 15 years. Port Jackson sharks are normally brown in colour, lie on the seabed and are well camouflaged, for Mango, his chance of survival would be slim being so bright!

Seal Sanctuary – the original sanctuary opened in 1991, but a huge overhaul with upgraded facilities and a new oceanarium opened September 2003 costing $2.25 million. Its home to two Australian fur seals, one Sub-Antarctic fur seal, two New Zealand fur seals and one Australian sea lion.

There are 2 gift shops, the Aqua Gift Shop & the Coral Cove gift shop. The Aqua Gift Shop you’ll find the perfect little cuddly seal, crocodile or shark, postcards, t-shirts, pens. In the Coral Cove gift store near the Great Barrier Reef exhibits, offers Australian made jewellery and unique fossil pieces that are on display which are 480 million years old plus Australian indigenous artwork.

Aqua Bar & Grill – They will serve fresh baguettes, pastries, gourmet wraps and sandwiches, delicious tandoori chicken wraps, or our world famous Texas chilli beef nachos!

Sydney Aquarium also has a Midway Café and an Outdoor Piazza, serving authentic Italian gelato and sorbets. Our coffee made by our specially trained baristas is arguably our best attraction.

James Squire Brewhouse & Restaurant

James Squire arrived in Australia as convict in 1788 wasted no time and set up a successful crop of beer hops. Over the 40 years his success as a master brewer and wise businesses man, he became one of the most admired men in the new colony.

There are 5 James Squire beers: Amber, Pilsener, Porter (dark), India Pale Ale and Colonial Wheat beer. These are brewed at the Malt Shovel Brewery.

As of mid September there will be 3 new beers brewed* at the restaurant at King Street Wharf:
  1. Highway Man (Red Ale): a blend of choice English, European and New Zealand hops resulting in a fruity aroma with hints of citrus, gooseberry and blackcurrant.
  2. Governor King (Pale Ale): blending of Munich and pale malts give this pale ale a full bodied flavour and a beautiful amber colour.
  3. The Craic (Irish Draught): full bodied Irish Stout is a tasty chocolate brew which maintains creaminess and softness with a bittersweet after-taste.

*Note: We can visually see the finished brewery in place at the restaurant; it’s just not up and running as yet.

The restaurant is spacious, totally capacity of 517! On the promenade level there is seating for 300, downstairs 2 pool tables and comfy leather lounges. Groups of 10 to 400 are catered for.

Not your classic pub by any means; the restaurant serves an array of tasty entrees, mains and deserts. They welcome families, offering kids under 11 to eat for free!

If you are unsure of the range of James Squire beers, you can opt for the beer tasting session for $4 / person anytime of the day.

There’s something here for everyone … the Brewhouse Platter for 2 combining freshly prepared meats, seafood, fruits, cold meats and salads plus 4 James Squire brews $85, or the good old favourite Welcome Stranger, a 700g of prime rib eye! Vegetarians do not fear, you are not left out!

No one goes without food, the snack menu is available twice a day; 3-6pm and 10pm-close.

As of 1993 Doug Donelan was appointed the head brewer at the Malt Shovel Brewery and heads up the James Squire Business and Brewing Development in Victoria. He is an international beer judge and Chief Judge at the New Zealand International Beer Awards.

Michael Commerton originally read law in Duplin and Paris but gave it up to begin a degree in Brewing and Distilling in Edinburgh. He came to Australia in 1997 and worked as a brewer for Tooheys then moved to the Sydney office where he helped create the James Squire Brewhouse concept. He is the Marketing Manager for the Malt Shovel Brewery.

Kobe Jones

Kobe is a place in Japan and there is a meat called Kobe Beef, and Jones is a very well known and common name in Australia i.e. David Jones, Jones the Grocer, Fletcher Jones. Therefore, a memorable name to people.

Hip Californian with a twist of Japanese, adding to the cultural connection is the father-and-son cooking team Ken and Shingo Suzuki who are of Japanese heritage from Hawaii. The other partner is Chef Gerry Wallace who is Irish.

The food is a blend of eastern spices and Californian flavours of the west, creating dishes that are “light, innovative and good value for money”.

The interior is a combination of dark wood, black granite floors and brilliant red and white walls. The views over Darling Harbour are a picture in itself, but the bold and striking black and white enamel paintings on the walls are a wonderful contrast.

This restaurant has been at the wharf for 1½ years, it’s the first in Sydney after having restaurants in California, Hawaii and Asia.

Taste one of the Kobe Jones delectable cocktails creations, highly recommended are the Kobe Jones Sunset, Sweet Life and Watermelon Curiosa.

Kobe Jones signature dishes one must try are the ‘Number One Special’ (crab meat with avocado wrapped in snapper and baked with Kobe Jones (KJ’s) cream sauce or ‘Oyster Shooters’ (a duo with distinctive flavours) or ‘Baked Dynamite Scallops’ if you dare! or “Green Tea Salmon’ (salmon marinated in green tea with wasabi mash and nori cream just to name a few!! (There are 11 dishes in total).

Cargo Bar and Lounge

Split level waterside bar; with alfresco dining at its best! Cargo has quickly become known for its fine selection of beers, cocktails and cigars, and delicious menu of gourmet pizzas.

Cargo Bar on the promenade level is a spacious beer garden by the waterside, kick back with your friends and watch the people pass. The bar serves many beers to quench your thirst and just as many gourmet pizzas; such as a Kumera with baba ghanoush, topped with sage and mozzarella or a tasty honey mustard chicken or even opt for the Tiger Prawn with baby rocket, roasted tomatoes and goats cheese… take your pic from 18!

The upper deck, known as Cargo Lounge, is a relaxed living room atmosphere with an extended balcony area with a sensational view. This is the place to find funky tunes, fancy cocktails, a pool table and comfort guaranteed to please! There is a cigar menu on offer at the bar also.

Cargo upstairs or downstairs is the perfect place to chill with your friends or work colleagues and admire the 180 degree views.

Cargo Bar and Lounge has a wide range of function facilities catering for corporate, personal or public events.

Bungalow 8

Bungalow 8 is an exceptional Balinese style façade, on the corner at the end of King Street Wharf. There is a massive beer garden with comfort as the foremost important factor… booths, couches and electric heating through the ceiling!

Inside, the roof is lined with bamboo and paper-mache mushroom like lights dangle from the ceiling creating warmth and a tropical bar feel. The walls have a woven bamboo fabric look to them, slate floor, stainless steel bar and all the furniture is movable!

There are 15 wines to choose from, from Australia and New Zealand’s finest wine growing regions. There is also a selection of French champagne, a variety of international beers on tap including Belgium beers, perfect with the mussels!

Mussels are a hit; choose from vegetarian, white wine, laksa, Provencale, or tom yum. Tuesdays is all you can eat mussels per kilo pots for $16.


Sydney Aquarium
Adult $5, Child 3-15yrs $13 extra child $10, Family ticket 1 (1A, 1C) $30
Family ticket 2 (1A, 2C) $37
Family ticket 3 (2A, 1C) $50
Family ticket 4 (2A, 2C) $57
Family ticket 4 (2A, 3C) $65
Seniors $15, Students $17
Buy online get 10% off
Standard tour: $180 flat fee for guide + $18 per adult, $8 per child admission into Aquarium
VIP tour: 2 people $150 each, 3-5 people $100 each. Child $25 each

James Squire
James Squire beers $7.20/pint
Kids under 11 eat for FREE
Brewhouse platter for 2, including 4 beers $85
Snack menu 3pm-6pm or 10pm-midnight
James Squire beer tasting anytime $4/person 5 shots

Kobe Jones
Starters from $5, lunch from $15, dinner from $18

Cargo Bar
Small pizza’s from $11.90, large at $16.90, Cocktails from $13.50, Cigars from $4.50, wine by the glass from $5.50

Bungalow 8
Entrees from $14.50
salads from $11.50, mains from $16.50, Seafood Platter for 2 $68, fish & chip $16.50, mussels $19.50, oysters 6 dozen $13.50 or $27 for 12
All you can eat mussels on Tuesdays.
Please note that the prices listed are valid at the time of filming.

More information

Sydney Aquarium
City side of Darling Harbour, to the north of the Pyrmont Bridge
Phone: 9262 2300
Group Bookings: 9262 2117
Standard Tour – anytime between 9am & 8pm.
VIP Tour – Anytime between 9am & 7.30pm.

James Squire Brewhouse & Restaurant
22 The Promenade, King Street Wharf
Phone: 8270 7999
Fax: 8270 7900

Kobe Jones
29 Lime Street, King Street Wharf
Phone: 9299 5290
Fax: 9299 5929

Cargo Bar and Lounge
52-60 The Promenade, King Street Wharf
Phone: 9262 1777
Fax: 9262 1733

Bungalow 8
8 The Promenade, King Street Wharf
Phone: 9299 4660
Fax: 9299 4440

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