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Greek food

Saturday, August 7, 2004
Keeping with the Greek theme this year and Olympics around the corner we have found the ultimate plate smashing, Greek dancing restaurant! Yasou!AESOP’S RESTAURANT

Be warned to dance Zorba, smash plates and lose yourself in the spontaneity and madness that has made Aesop’s a unique and popular venue since 1991. Aesop’s was located in Double Bay for 10yrs, had to move as building was being renovated. 3rd year located on Macquarie Street.

There is plenty of dancing - Greek, Latin American and Rock and Roll - always plate breaking and a dance competition. Full audio/visual facilities, versatile seating arrangements and a capacity for up to 150.

This is the perfect location for a birthday party, hen’s or buck’s night, weddings, corporate functions, product launches… just to name a few! For group bookings, the Dinner Banquet gives you huge variety, and plenty of food … its ALL YOU CAN EAT!

Go to town breaking the plates… an endless stack to be destroyed… just keep ordering them & they’ll dish ‘em up. Relieve the stress, strains & frustrations by having a jog in a Greek dance & loose that stress the traditional way!

About 25% of customers are Greek, the remainder, people wanting to experience the traditional Greek dining extravaganza! All food is authentic and prepared on the premises.

Greek food - In the early evening, sitting in outdoor cafes, the Greeks LOVE a glass of ouzo and a selection of little morsels, collectively called mezze.

The selection includes…taramasalata, tsatziki (a mixture of yoghurt, cucumber and garlic), dolmades, marinated vegetables, cold meats, octopus and fish. It is served with pitta bread. Greek yoghurt, thick and creamy, is often eaten for breakfast with honey.

Feta, the famous goats milk cheese, is crumbled over many dishes, not just the familiar Greek salad. Lamb (or more often mutton) plays an important role in Greek cooking. It is slowly roasted until very tender and served with baked potatoes. The Greeks like to serve their food tepid rather than hot.

Greek vegetables are often marinated: the most common are eggplant (aubergine), zucchini (courgette) and artichokes. Greek desserts are rich and sticky. Pastries filled with nuts and honey (baklava) are traditionally served with a glass of cold water and a cup of very strong sweet coffee.




Plates for breaking $15 per dozen
Lunch menu:
First course plus 1 other course $25
plus 2 other courses $30
plus 3 other courses $35
plus 4 other courses $45
Dinner menu $46 for a huge selection of tasty Greek food, again, all you can eat! Extensive A-la-carte menu available also.
Please note prices are valid at time of filming.

More information

131 Macquarie Street, Sydney
(near Bridge Street and across from the Conservatorium of Music and the Botanical Gardens)
Phone: 9247 5422
Fax: 9247 0503

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