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Matty rock climbs
Matty rock climbs
Matty hanging around

Indoor sports

Friday, July 30, 2004
Don’t fear if the rain doesn’t clear because Matty has loads of fun things to do indoors for everyone.


4 stage High Ropes Challenge – Climbing up on suspended ropes, about 6m high, onto a rope swing, up through a rope spider web, ring the bell (apparently a buggered by this stage) which signals the challenge has been completed!

15m Jacobs Ladder – horizontal ropes that are spaced close together at the bottom, as you climb ropes gradually get further and further apart, making this challenge harder than it may seem at the start!

12m Rope Climb – Thick ropes hanging vertically from ceiling. Army style activity.

Rope Access Courses:
  • Be totally competent in the skills and safety before heading outdoors. The Edge has developed a system of courses that will equip you with the tools to enjoy climbing at all levels
  • Basic Rock - This 1 day course aims to teach the main fundamentals of top rope climbing. Anchor point set-up, safety and basic climbing techniques. Ideal for making the transition from indoor to outdoor climbing
  • Sport Rock - ½ day indoors & ½ day outdoors, is a guided introduction to Sport climbing techniques.
  • Roping Self Rescue - 1 night only, teaches you the basic tools for self rescue and abseil safety includes belay and ascending the rope. It will teach you the minimum standard of knowledge for those who wish to abseil and do climbing activities without an instructor.
  • Lead Rock - 2 nights and 1 day course that trains climbers to be competent in lead climbing on single and multi-pitch routes. Adds to skills learned in Basic and Sport Rock, this course provides the skills and knowledge to protect the climbers without manmade anchor points.
  • Rope Access Course - This is a 4 day course (over two weekends) including assessment with many objectives. You have use of equipment, rope skills (ascend, descend and rope change overs), and learn descent rescue skills and industry codes.


Don’t let the bad weather spoil the fun, Australia’s 1st purpose built 18.5m abseiling wall. The great thing is you can practice as many times as you like!

It is great training for your endurance and strength. Instructors do a mock scenario first up on the floor, and then proceed to the wall for the abseiling action. Instructor or friend is at the top (not at the bottom) assisting your descent.

Rap Jumping:
  • 18.5m tower
  • Rap Jumping, sometimes known as Urban Rappelling, combines the Adrenalin pumping thrill of bungy, with the control of abseiling, and for anyone who finds normal abseiling a bit tame, Rap Jumping is the Adrenalin roping sport. (Definitely not for the faint hearted.) It was first developed by the Australian SAS as a method of descent.
  • Standing at the top of the tower, you will basically run down, face first, arms out, to the bottom… this is Rap Jumping!


The Edge Adventure Centre
Entry only - $14 adult, $12 student, $10 child under 12 years
Basic Package - $20 adult, $17 student, $15 child under 12 years
Complete Package - $25 adult, $22 student, $20 child under 12 years
Registration is $5, this entitles you to the weekly Specials and a 1, 2, FREE Card (every 3rd visit receive a Basic Package).
Specials for Members only
Monday 6-10pm girls climb for free
Tuesday Fitness Club 6-10pm
Wednesday $9 nights
Thursday $5 Sushi Social Club + entry
Personal training/tuition $65/person

More information

The Edge Adventure Centre
9/10 Hudson Avenue, Castle Hill 2154
Phone: 9899 8228
Fax: 9894 9306
Birthday party packages available
Group & Corporate bookings available

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