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Francine at the studio
Francine at the studio
Bobbie showing the girls

Pole Studio

Friday, July 30, 2004
Francine learns a new exercise which is fast turning out to be the latest craze in weight loss ... not to mention sexy.

Bobbi's Pole Studios offers the unique opportunity to learn to Pole Dance like the professionals, along with a range of Exotic dancing classes all taught by Sydney's top Showgirls. It has been opened since February.

The school is run by Bobbi, Australia’s best pole dancer and Vanessa, a former student of Bobbi’s. They have produced a coffee table book on pole dancing together.

Pole Dancing classes are held 6 days a week, lunchtimes, after work, evenings, and Saturdays. They offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Terms for people who just want to get fit in a fun way, or for girls within the industry who want to take their dancing skills to a new level.

They also offer monthly specialty classes in Lap Dancing, Table Dancing and Stripping and cater for Birthday Parties and Hen's Nights for the girl who has everything!

Weekly Mothers classes have also been introduced where students can bring their baby and start working to regain their pre-pregnancy figures, in a fun and relaxed environment.

Originally they thought they might get five or six girls a week but they have just been inundated. They have about 200 girls signed for classes and about 30 or 40 on the waiting list for next term.

A lot of the moves demonstrated are gravity-defying and incredibly athletic, and the languorous control exercised as the girls twirl and loop around the pole require incredible upper body strength.

About the classes:
  • The teachers follow a course schedule of weekly moves that incorporate, turns, lifts, non-weight bearing manoeuvres and combinations, so each student gains strength, flexibility and pole confidence to his/her desired level. On completion of each term the student can then progress to the next level.
  • The classes will generally consist of one teacher and up to 10 students. The student can expect a minimum of one pole per two students, and occasionally one pole per student.
  • Beginners Most students will start with the Beginners term. These classes are designed to introduce students to the 'Pole' and to the range of moves that can be performed given time and practice. Attention is also given to building upper body strength and flexibility all of which contribute to gaining pole skill.
  • Intermediate - Once the student has graduated from Beginners they can enrol for Intermediate. This course will revise pole skills gained in the previous course, whilst moving on to slightly more complex manoeuvres that require strength and agility. The student will be also taught dance/pole combinations.
  • Advanced - These classes are available for those students who want to progress to the most complex of Pole Skills. These classes consist of intense warm-ups combined with a very physical session of pole dance/ pole skills. A great deal of upper body and abdominal strength is required for these classes.
  • Teachers Course - They are also making available a Teachers Course to students that may be interested, having of course completed the previous 3 terms, whose skills are outstanding and would like to continue with their progress in the art of Pole Dancing.
  • Bobbi will be taking your class - Bobbi has been a Professional Dancer for 15 years, working extensively overseas and bringing her expertise home to Sydney where she opened up Bobbi's Pole Studio in partnership with Vanessa Brecht. Bobbi is fully trained in all forms of Cabaret, and developed a particular skill for Pole Dancing of which she is now one of Australia's best.


Bobbi’s Pole Studio
8 week terms are $200

More information

Ph: 0425 276 951

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