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Sake tasting tour
Sake tasting tour

Sake & Teppanyaki

Saturday, July 24, 2004
Francine is on a saki tasting tour before heading to a fancy, fun and fabulous Teppanyaki restaurant.

Saki Brewery

The brewery opened in April 1996 after 8 years of planning, product development and investment negotiation. Sake is produced for the Australian Market and exports to Asia, Japan and to the US. Funnily enough, 80% of the sake produced at Penrith is shipped back to Japan for the Japanese market. The remainder is bottled in Australia for local consumption and other export markets.

The shop sells all the sake products and sake related merchandise. Visiting groups receive a full explanation of the sake process, revealing the history, culture and tradition of sake. This is followed by a tasting of the products made on site. Sake Products at Sun Masamune.

Go-Shu Junmai, Black Label, Premium Sake: Go-Shu is a traditional style of sake suitable for heating and drinking at 35-40°C. It’s dry and crisp with light fruity notes and a balanced smooth taste. Go-Shu has 15% alcohol content and enhances food flavour by cleansing the palate and sensitising taste. May also be consumed cold.

Go-Shu Junmai, Nama (Cool Style), White Label, Premium Sake: Nama is a cool style sake made for drinking at 4-10°C. Nama production uses less heat at the final refining stage and is kept in cool storage so it retains more fruity notes than standard Go-Shu. It has a slightly higher residual sweetness to add balance to the fruitiness. Alcohol content of 15% imparts the palate cleansing properties to the sake ensuring that any accompanying meal is fully appreciated.

Go-Shu Blue Junmai-Ginjo, Super Premium Sake: Go-Shu Blue is a super premium product. It belongs to the "Ginjo" type of sake, which means, that its rice is milled more finely (60% of original size) and no alcohol or chemicals are added. Has a fruity fragrance, is smooth and well balanced, mature taste, suiting everyone. Has a 15% alcohol content.

Go-Rin Junmai-Ginjo,(Champagne Yeast) Super Premium Sake: Go-Rin is a unique and specially developed new style of sake. The first in the world! It is produced using special sparkling wine yeast and the finest ingredients available, including Australia's renowned Japonica rice. Go-Rin is slightly sweeter than Go-Shu Blue, an alcohol content of 14.5% results in a new taste in a truly unique cool style sake.

Go-Shu 40 Genshu Junmai-DaiGinjo, Ultra Premium Sake: Go-Shu 40 is the ultimate, a high degree of milling produces the smoothest, clean-tasting, aromatic and flavoursome sake available. These delicate, complex, balanced attributes make Go-Shu 40 a sake to be experienced and enjoyed. Has an alcohol content of 16% and high level of aromatics, is best enjoyed chilled.

Go-Shu Junmai, Super Dry, Premium sake: Go-Shu "Super Dry" is an extra dry sake being the most commonly used by Australian Japanese and Korean restaurants in serving traditional "Atsukan" (warmed style) sake. Being in the "Hiya" category of sake, Go-Shu Super-Dry shows a very cleansing palate and is equally delicious when consumed chilled or at room temperature. Alcohol content is slightly lower at 14.5%.

Tsunami Sparkling Sake Cocktail: TSUNAMI is the latest creation from the makers of GoShu sake. A "ready-to-drink" sake based cocktail with an alcohol content of 4.5%, a balanced natural fruit flavour blend of lychee and muscat, sparkling spring water and dry "Junmai" sake to result in a refreshing, fruity, tangy, "anytime" beverage. No preservatives added to this product. Serve chilled.

Narita Teppanyaki Restaurant

In Japanese, teppan means an iron hot plate, and yaki, stir-fried food. Therefore ‘teppanyaki’ means fried on a hot plate. Today teppanyaki cooking is also known as hibachi. In Japan, the preparation of food is an art form and teppanyaki is no exception.

Originating in Japan, teppanyaki is a combination of Eastern meticulousness and Western finesse, Eastern flavours and Western side dishes. During its 200 year history this form of tabletop cooking has developed into a highly refined and beautiful form of expression, characterized by an intricate combination of presentation and knife skills.

The tools of their trade are a knife, a fork, and two metal spatulas. The success of teppanyaki is all about light seasoning and fresh ingredients, this style of cooking enhances rather than covers up the original flavour.

The Restaurant - right in the heart of the city, along side Chinatown, is a stylish restaurant, with an inspired blend of Japanese Teppanyaki and international cuisine. Enjoy local and international produce, featuring the freshest and finest seafood, meat and vegetables with an inspired Japanese touch.

An entertaining approach to dining - teppanyaki - a traditional form of show cooking with Narita's skilful chefs creating beautiful barbecued dishes right before your eyes.


Sun Masamune
$2.50 (includes tour, video and tasting)

Narita Teppanyaki Restaurant
Lunch set menus start at $10/person
Dinner set menus start at $33/person
A-la-carte is also available for dinner
Please note prices are valid at time of filming.

More information

Sun Masamune
Phone: 4732 2833
Fax: 4732 2282

Narita Teppanyaki Restaurant
Level 1, 78-86 Harbour St, Sydney 2000
Phone: 9282 9838
Fax: 9280 0493

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