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Matty at Planet Entertainment
Matty at Planet Entertainment
Riding the bull

Planet Entertainment

Saturday, June 5, 2004
Planet Entertainment is the biggest and best in amusements and games for adults and kids and Matty just loves it!

The games at Planet Entertainment are great for parties, fairs, corporate events and company team building sessions.

Planet Entertainment hire games, amusements, karaoke and DJ equipment, sound/lighting and effect equipment and fundraising event and food equipment. Their amusements are fabulous for kids. They also hold a day called BLAST FOR KIDS at the Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre on the last Sunday of each month.

Mechanical Bull - Ride Harry the Rodeo Bull. Harry bucks, spins and rolls. Each rider starts off slow and then the bull picks up pace till the rider falls off into the inflatable rodeo pit.

Surf Machine - Ride the mechanical surfboard and wipeout on the inflatable beach. The surfboard operates from dead slow to wipeout mode.

Kids Sumo Suits - The first sumo to fall down or step out of the ring will be the loser. The sumos come together throw the traditional salt, bow to each other, then the bout begins. You play the best of three bouts.

Inflatable Obstacle Course Challenge - This is a two player game where the players race against each other through the tackle dummies, squeeze tubes, over the climbing hills and down the inflatable slide.

Slam Dunk Bungee - This game requires two players to pull against each other with the one bungee cord attached to both players. This is a bit like bungee tug of war, but that's only half the fun, you score points by shooting basketballs into the inflatable hoop at the same time.

Gone Fishin - Shark Slide - The slide is awesome with the kids sliding out of the Sharks Mouth.

Jurassic Survivor - This Jurassic themed adventure play brings the old giant to life. Players negotiate their way through a tough inflatable course. Players follow the marked path that leads to the volcano slide.

Tiger Jumping Castle - This is always a favourite and great for kids of all ages.

Venue - The Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre provides an extensive range of water rides, activities and programs. You can spend time just surfing the waves or lapping it up in the pool.

Complementing the aquatic activities is an indoor climate controlled sports stadium that's sure to provide hours of jumping, dribbling, throwing and sweat producing activity.

More information

Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre
504 Victoria Rd, Ryde NSW
Ph: 02 8878 5111

Planet Entertainment
PO BOX 219 Annandale NSW 2038
Ph: 02 9519 0500
Fax: 02 9519 0400

Complete Party Hire Shop
1039 Victoria Rd, West Ryde
Tel: 9804 8533
Fax: 9804 7543

Starlight Foundation - 1300 727 827

Variety the childrens charity - 02 9555 1688

Sydney Children’s Hospital - 1800 644 336

Royal Far West Children’s health Scheme – 02 8966 8500

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