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Trapeze school
Trapeze school
Clown school

Circus School & Rollerblading

Saturday, May 15, 2004
Matt is training to be quite the entertainer as a clown, a trapeze artist and a juggler whilst Francine is blading at Bondi!

Quasar Trapeze School

Quasar is the first and only flying trapeze school in Sydney and can give you a taste of what it’s like to be circus performer.

The 90 minute session will start with a run through of the safety procedures and basic body positions before putting on your safety harness on the mini trapeze on the ground. You will then climb the ladder to the platform where you are attached to the safety and swing on the high trapeze. At this point you can perform the first of a number of tricks according to your strength, skill and desire. After just a few swings most people will accomplish the correct body position to do a release and catch, which in turn opens up a variety of more advance manoeuvres.

The trapeze is 9m high and the height of the jumping board is 7m. Quasar instructors are fully trained professionals and have years of experience from around the world performing and instructing for shows such as the Moscow Circus.

Clowning Classes - ATYP (Australian Theatre for Young People)

The Australian Theatre for Young People run various clowning classes and workshops and the one Matty will be doing is called “ Lecoq and Gaulier- Performing for Pleasure.” To help the actor look ridiculous and naive they are presented with a red clown nose which they wear in the exercises.

The class teaches that when an actor discovers the quality of what is inherently funny about them, it is a very powerful tool. There is no place lower than the clown, so for the clown-actor there is no more fear of embaressment.

This quality can be drawn at any time to charm the audience. There are 5 day intensive holiday workshops, and term workshops for 2 or 3 hrs a week for an 8 or 12 week period.

Sydney Jugglers

Sydney Jugglers are an extension of Newtown Juggling Club which is the longest juggling club in NSW running continuously for 9 years. It is a great environment to learn new tricks, practise skills, rehearse acts, pass, play games and get tips. If you are a beginner, they can get you started in a casual low pressured setting and if you already have the basics then there are plenty of experts to take you to next stage.

Sydney Jugglers juggle everything from the staple props such as balls and clubs but there are rings, staffs (twirling), poi, diabolos, yo-yo’s and fire as well. Anyone can attend from the complete beginner wanting to learn the basics of juggling by learning a trick or two, through to jugglers that really know their stuff (like circus street performers). The main mantra of Sydney Jugglers is to do it for fun.


Bondi Boards & Blades is a fully operational skate shop and hire outlet. They stock everything you need to start rollerblading from bearings to the latest skates. Bondi Boards & Blades, or BBB as it’s know as by the locals, offers lessons in rollerblading. You can choose from two separate programs, either a group lesson or a private lesson. Bondi Boards & Blades.

Lamrock Café

The Lamrock Café if the perfect way to finish your day rollerblading. They have coffee’s, smoothies, fresh juices and heaps of tasty food to choose from. The atmosphere in the café is extremely beachie, they have a large mural on one wall of surf lifesaving on Bondi beach, and on all the other walls is a terracotta colour, the floor is all floor boards and from every table you have a view of the beach.The cafe can hold about 150 people inside and out.

Lamrock is also licensed so it’s perfect spot for a drink after along day at the beach and they are open till Midnight so you could stay there all night and soak up the atmosphere.


Quasar Trapeze School
$45.00 per person.

Clowning Classes
$210-$425 depending on chosen workshop.

Sydney Jugglers: Sundays from 2.30pm until dark (weather permitting) FREE

Rollerblading: $25 half hour lesson (not including equipment). $5.50 for hire of skates and all protective gear for lesson & $11.00 per hour for skate hire (no lesson).

Lamrock Café: Entrees start from- $12.00 & mains Start from- $18.00.

More information

Quasar Trapeze School
90 minute classes are held on Tuesday, Thursday, 3.30pm and 6pm, Saturday and Sunday, at 11.00am, 1.00pm and 3.30pm.
Quasar Trapeze School
Dawn Fraser Ave, Sydney Olympic Park
Postal: 21 Princess Ave
North Strathfield
Mob: 0412 402 742
Ph/Fax: 02 9706 8848

Clowning Classes
Australian Theatre for Young People
The Wharf- Pier 4/5 Hickson Rd
Walsh Bay NSW 2000
Ph: 02 9251 3900
Fax: 02 9251 3909

Sydney Jugglers
Sydney Jugglers, Hyde Park
Daniel Thompson: 0411 619 023

230 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction
Telephone:9369 2212

Lamrock Café
72 Campbell Pde, Bondi Beach
Open: 7am-12pm
Phone: 9130 6313

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