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Vanessa scuba dives with the sharks.
Vanessa scuba dives with the sharks.
Vanessa cruises along the harbour.
Vanessa bungee jumps.

Guest Reporter

Thursday, November 2, 2000
Guest reporter Vanessa Anderson spends a day in the life of a Getaway reporter, doing all those usual things like bungee jumping and jet boating!

Getaway recently ran a competition for viewers who wanted to be guest reporter for a day. We had a tough job sifting through the footage and arguing amongst ourselves as to who the winner would be. Well, Vanessa Anderson got the job and went off with Catriona for a day full of adventure — a typical day in the life of a Getaway reporter.

First off, Vanessa was given some dive training and theory with Meyric Slimming from Pro Dive in Sydney. When he felt she knew enough to take to the water safely and confidently, they headed for Magic Point off Maroubra Beach in Sydney's east.

The dive was 200 metres offshore, 16 metres below a cliff face — quite a baptism for Vanessa. After five minutes she saw her first grey nurse shark. Meyric said there are about 12 living there, but unless provoked they are harmless. They share the area with Port Jackson sharks, wobbegongs, blue gropers and sea dragons.

Vanessa survived that and then headed off to Darling Harbour Convention Jetty for something we said would be a little tamer: a ride round Sydney Harbour in a jet boat.

The waterjet was designed in New Zealand for manoeuvring through the narrow canyons of the South Island. The 420-horsepower boat travels at 70km/h past Sydney's famous harbourside landmarks.

Vanessa said it was like being a sock in a washing machine and was glad of the handrails fitted for the comfort and safety of passengers.

The jet displaces 500 litres of water per second, travelling at 30 knots. That equates to emptying an average backyard swimming pool in 75 seconds!

The next stop was Fox Studios and New World Bungy. Sitting in the centre of a grass oval is a crane from which people can jump 40 metres into a 3.6m-deep pool of water.

You choose whether you want to go head first, backwards or arms-free. You can also choose if you want to be dunked in the pool and, if so, how far. It can all be calculated by the jumper's weight. Once you've bounced about four or five times you are caught and placed on a sunbed.

Vanessa really enjoyed her time with the crew and went away with enough memories to keep her going until the next competition she enters.


All around Sydney.


Pro Dive Chatswood has dives starting at $45 per person.
Harbour Jet Tours cost $49.50 per adult.
New World Bungy at Fox Studios costs $65 per person per jump. They will be leaving Fox Studios on January 31, 2001. Entry to Fox Studios is free.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

Pro Dive, Chatswood: Ph: (02) 9419 5557
Harbour Jet: Ph: (02) 9929 7373
Fax: (02) 9929 5858
New World Bungy at Fox Studios: Ph: (0417) 218 500

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