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Catriona on top of Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Catriona on top of Sydney Harbour Bridge.
The view of the city from the bridge.
The Opera House, seen from the bridge.

Night Bridge Climb

Thursday, September 21, 2000
We've climbed it by day, now let's climb it at night. Check out the city lights on one of Sydney's most famous landmarks.

BridgeClimb was launched in October 1998. Since then an average of 500 people a day have climbed to the top of one of Australia's most famous landmarks The Sydney Harbour Bridge. It has become the thing to do to hug the flashing light, known as Blinky Bill, at the highest point.

The new night climbs are the next step in BridgeClimb's long-term plan to operate 24 hours a day.

Safety is BridgeClimb's main priority. Climbers go through a metal detector, are breath-tested and are not permitted to carry anything with them. Climb Leaders carry a special camera to photograph you at the summit of the Bridge, and your copy is complimentary.

Specially designed suits must be worn over your clothes, and the headphones allow you to hear the commentary and instructions from your Climb Leader. Night climbers also wear a bridge lamp on an elasticised headband, similar to those that cavers wear.

Climbers are harnessed to a static line for the 1500 metre climb, and there are handrails for support on most sectgi0ons.

Even for those who have done the day climb, the night climb offers new excitement. The stars above, the fairyland of light below, and even the fruit bats flying to the fig trees in the east.

The guides are trained to point out different city lights and other things of interest. The night climb is a little more eerie and gives the feeling of having the bridge all to yourself.


The Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Valid from 1 April 2001 to 31 March 2002:
DayClimb: Monday to Friday
Adult: AUD$125 per person
Concession (aged 12-16 years): AUD$100 per person
Weekends & Public Holidays
Adult: AUD$150 per person
Concession(aged 12-16 years): AUD$125 per person
NightClimb: Thursday & Friday
Adult: AUD$150 per person
Concession (aged 12-16 years): AUD$125 per person
Saturday & Public Holidays
Adult: AUD$170 per person
Concession (aged 12-16 years): AUD$150 per person.

More information

5 Cumberland Street, THE ROCKS
Phone: 02 8274 7777
Fax: 02 9240 1122

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