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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Jamberoo is a quiet village surrounded by the nature reserves and national parks of the Jamberoo Valley. Lush, green dairy pastures surrounded by towering escarpments make up the landscape. Hills which have been denuded of their dense subtropical forest are now covered with exotic cabbage-tree palms.

Apart from its natural beauty, a huge attraction there is the 22 hectare Jamberoo Action Park. It opened in 1980 and is the state's largest fun park with 17 attractions — something for everyone.

The newest attraction is Taipan. Five-person rafts enter two 160 metre long dark slides through massive snake heads.

Outback Bay is a 2.5 megalitre wave pool for bodysurfing with waves up to 1.5 metres. There are deckchairs and sand on land.

Two toboggan tracks snake down the mountain at high speeds, but you can still enjoy the views. The blue track is for the more cautious, the green is for the racers.

Surf Hill is a speed slide with an 18 metre drop and eight lanes for racing. It pumps 120 litres of water a second.

The Rock is a five-metre launching pad over deep water. Little Rock is a three metre jump for small children.

Billabong Beach is a children's playground with heated shallow pools and mini water slides and jets of water from huge make-believe critters. Settlers Shack is home to an aqua cubby house.

Splash Out Slides twist and turn down the mountain with a pool at the end.

Go-Karts come in singles and doubles and you can race them around a 600 metre track.

The Chairlift goes 300 metres up the mountain for a great view of Jamberoo and surrounding region. On a clear day you see as far as Kurnell to the north and Jervis Bay to the south.


113 kilometres south of Sydney.

Jamberoo is open between 10am-5pm daily between October to the end of February. It is closed on Christmas Day.

For more information

Jamberoo Action Park
Jamberoo Road, Jamberoo NSW 2533
Ph: (02) 4236 0114
Fax: (02) 4236 1269

User comments
Jamberoo is aweome i love the taipan
Ive been to Jamberoo once on a school excursion in Dec. 2006, I absolutely loved it... One thing happened in the wave pool that made my day, well... that and the fact that i found 10 bucks floating in there heheh I really wanna go back there!
We visited Jamberoo a few days after the new Taipan Ride opened - definately worth the ride! Get there early to avoid the queues (that way you can easily ride the slides a few times around before the wait gets longer!). Take a packed lunch or eat at the many eateries on-site. Discounts for NRMA members if you are taking the family.
I've been to Jambaroo 3 times and had a fantastic time each time and that was 3 years ago now so with all the improvements and extra rides i'm sure it is even better! Can not wait til I am able to visit again!
I was out last night and missed the episode of getaway, about Jamberoo i really wanted to watch it. That doesn't matter i am going to take my daughter there one day as i have always wanted to go.thanks for the information about jamberooon your website
I saw your add today and it sounds like a fantastic place. I can't believe I havn't seen it before. I am a bit of an andrenolin junki and your place sounds like it would get the andrenalin pumping. I will sure put it on my list. Ireina

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