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Bundeena art trail
Bundeena art trail


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Bundeena & Maianbar, two small villages on the southern shores, Port Hacking River, surrounded on the other three sides by the Royal National Park.

Established in 1879, Royal National Park is the world's second oldest national park - after Yellowstone in the USA. It offers riverside picnics, great surf beaches, cliff top heathland walks, rainforest and cycle tracks.

By road Bundeena is 25 kms from Sutherland, one of Sydney’s most southern Suburbs. The main entry points to the Royal National Park are along the Princess Highway at the southern suburbs of Loftus and Waterfall.

Travelling by train, the closest rail stations are Engadine, Heathcote, Otford, Waterfall and Loftus. On Sundays and public holidays there's a tram from Loftus railway station to the park, it leaves from the Sydney Tramway Museum.

The ‘Art Trail’ was conceived 3 years ago to allow art lovers the opportunity to visit studio - galleries, talk with the artists, see work in progress, soak up the studio atmosphere and even make a purchase.

Artist works include all mediums of painting, ceramics, sculpture, mixed media pieces, prints plus more.

Participating artists provide good access for the public to their studio or gallery and produce plenty of art work to peruse.

There are many well recognised and awarded artist on the ‘Trail’.

Lundov Shamanic Healer

The workshop takes a whole day with enjoyable, healthy snacks and a big lunch along the way.

Students meet and are introduced to drumming and meditation.

Participants begin to create masks. They go through the symbolism of the masks and what they represent.

The clay is cut and placed on participant’s faces while they lie down so the clay can take form for 20 minutes. The focus at this stage is on meditation and relaxation which evolves into a journey into the mystical. Melanie plays drums and chants transporting you to a new level of relaxation and inner peace. Her partner, Yuri, the story teller, tells a story based on ‘Cinderella’ and an individual’s ‘right of passage’.

The mask decoration begins around a table where everyone can chat and relate stories of their visions and feelings during the meditating process. Students are encouraged to use feathers when they adorn their clay mask. To conclude the workshops, the masks are offered to ‘the world’ in a symbolic ceremony.

More information & cost

Royal National Park Entry Fees: If you're driving into the park, you will need to purchase a vehicle day pass. This costs $11, annual passes are also available.

Enter the creative spiritual world with Lundov the Shamanic Healer.
Mask Making starts at $80 and to make a drum the cost is $250 for a full day workshop including materials, lunch, drinks and snacks.
Melanie schedules workshops regularly

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