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Seven Mile Beach
Seven Mile Beach
Family cabin
Surf shacks
Safari tents

Seven Mile Beach Holiday Park

Thursday, July 10, 2003
Calling all surfers, backpackers and holiday-makers — Seven Mile Beach Holiday Park offers campsites, surf shacks and safari tents to suit all budgets and accommodation needs!

The first Europeans to set foot in this beautiful part of New South Wales were most likely survivors of the wreck of the Sydney Cove in 1779, which was on its way north from Bass Strait.

Their reports reached the ears of explorer George Bass, who undertook a voyage to the area that year. He sailed along Seven Mile Beach and crossed the shoals at the entrance to the Crookhaven River, which he named the Shoalhaven.

In the 1860s the long beach became a venue for horseracing (and later for car and bike racing). The first time 100mph was reached on land in Australia was on Gerroa Beach, while gold was found in its black sands in 1894.

In 1933, aviators found that the length and compactness of the sandy beach provided a perfect runway. Charles Kingsford Smith used it for the first commercial flight between Australia and New Zealand. Flares were strung along the beach and thousands of people from as far as Sydney added illumination with their car lamps and watched history being made at 2.30am. The event has been commemorated at the Kingsford Smith memorial and lookout.

The area was popular for religious retreats and much land in the area is owned by various churches. Now it is popular with surfers, campers and daytrippers.

You will find Seven Mile Beach Holiday Park on a narrow spit between Crooked River and Seven Mile Beach, adjacent to Seven Mile Beach National Park.

It is owned by Kiama Council and began 50 years ago with just tent sites. Over the past five years major refurbishments have taken place and cabins, surf shacks and surf safari tents have been added as an expansion suggestion from the managers, Carmen and Tim Risby — a suggestion supported by the council.

Seven Mile Beach Holiday Park can accommodate 752 holiday-makers. There is a good choice to please everyone.

There are 14 4½-star cabins – beachside, family spa, honeymoon and beach huts. There are five on-site vans, four sites with ensuites, 91 campsites, eight surf shacks and five safari tents.

Surf shacks proved to be so popular with groups of surfers and budget travellers they doubled the number from four to eight. They are inexpensive to rent, are away from the park's other guests and those who stay there get together at the communal barbecue and socialise in the cabana between the two blocks. Each sleeps five.

Surf safari tents are the latest addition and are part of the Aussie Surf Camp plan. They are also for the budget traveller and sleep up to four each. They have views of the river.

Colours around the park are fresh and in hues associated with the seaside.


Gerroa, 130km south of Sydney


Seven Mile Beach Holiday Park surf shacks start at $60 a night, safari tents start at $75 a night and cabins start at $102 a double a night.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

Seven Mile Beach Holiday Park
Crooked River Road, Gerroa 2534
Ph: (02) 4234 1340
F: (02) 4234 3650

To book a flight, visit or call 13 13 13.

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