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Hyams Beach at Jervis Bay.
Hyams Beach at Jervis Bay.
Hyams Beach Cottages.
Inside Hyams Beach Cottages.

Hyams Beach

Thursday, July 20, 2000
Look no further than Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay for a beautiful white sandy beach.

The Hyams Beach Seaside Cottages have been owned and run by Angie and Glenn Robins for five years. They were built around 1926 as fishermen's cottages, but have since been refurbished into self-contained, colourful one-bedroom cottages with heritage touches.

The beach is about 40m from the cottages, which are suitable for couples only. Hyams is flanked by Chinamans and Seamans beaches and the Booderee National Park. Booderee is under joint management between the local Wreck Bay Aboriginal community and the Commonwealth Government's Environment Australia Department. It has three camping grounds: Greenpatch, Bristol Point and Cave Beach. Nearby towns offer museums, cinemas, clubs, cafes and pubs.

Greenpatch is the most accessible camping ground for families and has the most facilities. Hot and cold water, toilets and barbecues are on-site. Campers can have tents or caravans on the site.

Bristol Point takes tents only. It also has hot and cold water, toilets and barbecue facilities.

Cave Beach is 300m from the carpark and is for tent camping only.

All campsites need to be pre-booked and this can be done up to four months in advance, but for not more than three weeks at a time and all campers must check in at the Visitor Centre before occupying the site. The busy periods of Christmas and Easter run on a ballot system.

The climatic conditions have created an extremely rich array of wildlife, on land and in the sea. The area is home to 206 species of birds, 27 species of mammals, 15 of amphibians, 23 reptiles and 180 different sorts of fish.


Three hours south of Sydney.


Hyams Beach Seaside Cottages start at $110 per night or $700 for the week. Children are not catered for.
Campsites at Greenpatch in the Booderee National Park start at $14 a night.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

Hyams Beach Cottages: (0244) 41 7838
Booderee National Park: (0244) 43 0977

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