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Snowy Mountains summer

19:30 AEST Thu Dec 20 2012

When you think about the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales it's natural to think of skiing and snow boarding, but when you think Australia’s snow season lasts for only around three and a half months, it's well worth visiting at other times.

Blue skies, bubbling creeks, white, yellow, purple and orange wildflowers – it’s all there and Dermott went to check it out.

Starting at Thredbo at the foot of Mt Kosciuszko, Australia's tallest mountain at 2228 metres, summer is the perfect time for a climb. Dermott says it’s easy for just about everyone, but you don't have to walk the whole way – there is a chair lift.

The 600 metre vertical slope is conquered in no time at all. Once there, there's a raised walking platform which takes between three and four hours for a round trip.

Hiking is by far the most popular summer activity in Kosciuszko National Park and can attract 1000 walkers a day. There are a number of walks throughout the park’s 690,000 hectares which can be done with or without a guide. National Parks rangers are on duty during peak seasons to assist visitors.

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