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The real Norfolk Island

12:00 AEST Fri Nov 11 2011
Norfolk Island has wonderful colonial history, natural beauty and oozes charm. It has a sub-tropical climate and offers seclusion, peace and tranquillity. The three million year old volcanic outcrop is 8km long and 5km wide. While it's an Australian territory, it is self-governing so you will need a passport for entry.

Dermott found it a very easy place to explore, but when he wanted to go off-road, he got himself a four-wheel drive, and to find the secret spots, used the services of guide, John Christian.

John was born on Norfolk Island. His parents were islanders, descendants of Fletcher Christian and Matthew Quintal. (As well as being a tour guide, John is a bone carver and sells his work through one of the galleries in town).

One third of Norfolk is National Park and Private Reserve, and it's quite likely that if you were out exploring on your own, you would miss a lot. With John, you get right into the bush and see the real side of Norfolk.

Nature, wildlife and forest at their pristine best and having fun exploring are some of the things Dermott got to enjoy with someone in-the-know.

A stop at Anson Bay was breathtaking and somewhere most people miss as then tend to head to the other side of the bay. Usually, John's tours end with afternoon tea at his parents' place, but Dermott was in a real exploring mood and decided to try one of the island's restaurants.

Dino's at Bumboras is in an 1880s homestead with beautiful gardens and eclectic artworks. Owner/chef Dean Bosley has been there for over twenty years and prides the food on being fresh and hand-selected. Everything is grown and sourced locally.


Norfolk Island, approximately 1000km east of the Australian coast.


Christian's 4WD Tours run between Monday and Saturday and cost $60.

Prices correct at November 12, 2012.

For further information Christian's 4WD Tours
The Roundabout on Taylors Road
Norfolk Island 2899
Ph: (02) 6723 50312

Dino's at Bumboras
Bumboras Road
Norfolk Island 2899
Ph: (02) 6723 24225

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