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Chilling out in Mullumbimby

19:30 AEST Thu Jan 10 2013

While it would be very handy if the weather fitted in with filming scheduled Getaway stories, it doesn't always play fair. When Catriona visited Mullumbimby, the rain tumbled down but she turned a negative into a positive and found some good things to do indoors.

Mullumbimby, known to locals as the Rainbow Region, was settled by European cedar cutters in the 1880s. Bananas and other tropical fruits thrive in the warm climate and rich soil. It sits on the Brunswick River, overshadowed by subtropical hills.

It's one of the few remaining small country towns on the far NSW North Coast that has not embraced the tourist dollar. The community prides itself on its small-town, laid back lifestyle and caring and looking after each other.

It has an alternate/hippy feel and embraces eastern ideas, spirituality and culture. It also has a very Australian small town pub culture where everyone knows each other.

When it isn't raining, and that's most of the time, there are some wonderful things on offer in and around Mullumbimby. The walking trail through Brunswick Valley Heritage park has over 200 rainforest plant species to enjoy. Local history is recorded at the Brunswick Valley Historical Society Museum.

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