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On the obstacle course

The Extreme Team

Thursday, June 3, 2004
Move over bootcamp, Ben's gone to the extreme for some team bonding in an all action obstacle course that will have your heart beating time to the sergeant majors call.

As soon as Scott Seccombe left the army after nine years, he knew he wanted to use the training and speaking skills he had gained. He was a section commander, troop sergeant and instructor and completed military courses in Malaysia, England, Canada and Bosnia.

Scott started Extreme Team Training Centre on 40 hectares in Coffs Harbour and there's no denying he has achieved a military-style atmosphere. The rainforest and bushland at the rear of the property is used for navigational training and the main centre has obstacle courses, base camp, block of accommodation and kitchen.

The Extreme Team is well-experienced in the armed forces, industry and medicine. They join to have sessions on team work, communication and old-fashioned fun. Courses are tailored to make challenges achievable, relieve stress, enhance self-confidence and self-reliance and have better communication skills.

There are several options. A one-day course might begin with a navigational lesson and exercise through the bush, barbecue lunch, motivational lecture and obstacle course.

A two-day course begins on Friday night with your issue, briefing and meal. Saturday involves navigational instruction, paintball practice, team tactics lecture, then a walk to the top of the property for overnight camping. The next day you walk back, take on the obstacle course and do more paintballing.

Participants vary from executives from large corporations to people just wanting to do something different for birthday, bucks and hen parties.

The obstacle course initially seems to be a walk in the park, but becomes progressively more difficult. It has 1.8-metre walls to conquer, a rope swing over a ditch, ladders, abseiling, large dam, tyres to go through, over or under and a rope across a creek.

You are issued with everything — boots, socks, jumpers, raincoats, water bottles, sleeping bag and even a toothbrush.


Coffs Harbour, 6½ hours north of Sydney


The Extreme Team half-day team challenge costs $55 per person, with a minimum group of 10. There are two-day courses and two-to-seven-day courses and skirmishes are available.
Please note prices are valid at time of filming.

More information

The Extreme Team
Coramba Road Karangi 2450
Ph: (02) 6653 8862, 0438 586 488

Qantas 13 13 13

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