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Natalie feels pretty confident
Natalie feels pretty confident
Learning the basics
She has the hang of it

Byron Surfing

Thursday, April 15, 2004
Surf’s up and school is in for Natalie as we send her to Byron Bay for some tips on how to hang ten.

Skimming across the waves on a surfboard somehow looks easy, but not everyone can get the knack. If you are in Byron and just itching to join the happy wave riders, Rusty Miller is there to teach you the ropes.

Rusty's passion began when he was just five and rode surf mats and belly boards on California's beaches. He took to the boards at 10 and was encouraged by older lifeguards to keep at it. His dream of riding Hawaii's big waves came true when in his teens, and in 1965 became the USA champion.

A few years later he went to university and studied history, thinking he would become a teacher — but the surf lured him back.

He took up residence in Byron in the early 1970s, set up an alternative newspaper and worked for Tracks magazine. In 1973 he began to teach surfing and bought out the first safe soft boards made by the inventor of the Boogie board.

Rusty's philosophy is that a deep respect for the ocean and persistence are the secrets to learning to surf. His technique is unique and he does not teach groups, preferring to concentrate on the personal factor.

His students not only learn how to stand and choose the "right" wave, but he relates the history of the surfboard, how they are made, how waves are created and most importantly, surf etiquette. There are rules to adhere to which are in place for the safety of everyone.


The north coast of New South Wales


Rusty Miller's personalised surfing lessons are $90 for one or $160 for two. He runs two sessions each day, all year round.
Please note prices are valid at time of filming.

More information

Rusty Miller Personalised Surfing
Byron Bay, 2481
Ph: (02) 6684 7390, 0428 847 390

Qantas: 13 13 13

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