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Ben Cruise heads for his mission.
Ben Cruise heads for his mission.
Taking off Top Gun-style.
In the danger zone.

Fighter Flight Centre

Thursday, January 24, 2002
If you have ever dreamed of being in the front seat of a fighter jet on a low-level attack mission, cruising high for combat manoeuvres — well here you go!

If you have ever dreamed of being in the front seat of a fighter jet on a low-level attack mission, cruising high for combat manoeuvres or just zooming high speed along the beaches, International Fighter Flight at Port Macquarie can fulfil those fantasies.

Rod and Denise Hall have spent five years developing a world-class facility to cater for the adventurous. They offer a full range of Top Gun Adventure Experiences, guaranteeing high levels of safety, professionalism and service.

Rod has 33 years of flying experience, accumulating over 5000 hours in command, and is well known throughout Australia for his Warbird airshow displays and pylon racing.

With promotions in Europe and the United States, "Jet Thunder Downunder" is becoming popular with international visitors, and they cater for individuals, right up to corporate groups.

With an emphasis on customer first/safety first, all passengers are fitted with flight suits and parachutes. They are involved in planning the mission and attend a full safety brief and post-flight debrief. Care is taken in planning as well as in flight to make sure passengers maximise the fun factor without exceeding individual limitations.

All of their aircraft offer clients the experience of a lifetime in the front seat, with spectacular 360 degree views, continuous intercom communication with the pilot, and it's all recorded on digital video for future enjoyment — and proof that you did it!

The top gun of the fleet is an ex-Royal New Zealand jet fighter, a BCA Strikemaster MK88 powered by a Rolls Royce viper jet engine. This frontline fighter was built by the British Aircraft Corporation and is capable of speeds up to 450 knots and can be fitted with a full compliment of missiles and bombs.

The Son of Top Gun is an ex-Royal Air Force BAC Huntington Provost MK5A jet, also powered by a Rolls Royce viper jet engine, and capable of speeds up to 400 knots. This historic aircraft was the lead jet of the RAF Pelican Airshow display team, and has been extensively refurbished over a two-year period. This pocket rocket is agile and passengers are thrilled by its full range of combat and aerobatic manoeuvres.

Also rare on the world stage is their nine-cylinder, radial-powered Winjeel, which was designed and built for the Royal Australian Airforce after World War II. Purchased in 1995 from the RAAF Williamtown and fully overhauled, this machine is presented in its forward air control camouflage paint scheme and is in pristine condition. "Winjeel" is Aboriginal for "Young Eagle" and this aircraft is reminiscent of those "daring young men in their flying machines" and is capable of the full range of aerobatics.

They also have an ex-RAAF CT4A fighter trainer powered by a 210 hp continental engine. Nicknamed the "plastic parrot" by the RAAF pilots, this aircraft offers gutsy aerobatics and exceptional handling, with 360 degree views. This aircraft is ideal as the first step into adventure flight.

All of Fighter Flight Centre's aircraft offer a unique experience from cruising the skies in a nine-cylinder radial — the Winjeel — to top gun flights in the jets.

Port Macquarie is an ideal location for these flights, offering uncluttered skies, mountains, long beaches, the blue Pacific and a wide range of travel accommodation packages for a special weekend and a lifetime memory.


Port Macquarie, a four-hour drive north of Sydney.


Fighter Flight Centre flights start at $295 per person for a 30-minute flight in the CT4A fighter trainer. Winjeel flights are $450. Jet Provost flights are $1600; jet Strikemaster flights $1950. All flights include GST. Packages to Port Macquarie are available from all capital cities, including fares, accommodation and adventure flight. Corporate and group packages are also available.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

Fighter Flight Centre
Hangar 14, Abbots Close,
Port Macquarie Airport.
Ph: (02) 6583 9788. Fax: (02) 6584 1899.

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