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Driving a tractor
Driving a tractor
Rally driving

Extreme driving

Thursday, July 1, 2004
Big boy’s toys never looked so good and this week we have Matty rally driving in the Hunter Valley and then getting behind a life-size tractor!


Stage 1 - It takes around 10 years to reach the top in rallying and this first step, full of learning and massive excitement.
  • Introduction and Theory Session
  • Use of our genuine Rally Cars on an open, cleared area devoid of all trees (Heaps of sideways driving).
  • Lunch and an initial review with videos
  • Use of a genuine Rally special stage of up to 3kms in length in between real trees in the forest - serious Entertainment!
  • Hot Lap Rides given by our instructors at up to 200km/h in the Forest! Totally sideways four wheel drifts just like on TV. (Also available separately). 10 participants and 2 cars.

Stage 2 - Become like Andrew and do the time. Learn how to Pendulum swing, read tree lines, apex bends and brake later. 4 participants and 1 car.

Stage 3 - Go to the next level, learn basic navigation and how to run on World Championship pace notes - very fast! 2 participants and 1 car. (Pace notes are a numerical system – the co-driver uses these to instruct the driver. These calls are all critical – it is a closer relationship between these 2 than being married.

Stage 4 - The ultimate. Do it just before you compete in your first rally. Receive instructions from a Co-Driver, Brake very late, Apex really close to achieve maximum speed - 1 participant and 1 car.

Co-drive - Learn the skills of passenger seat (serious stuff!).

Safety Precautions: The car is equipped with a full steel roll cage and four point safety harnesses. Everyone wears helmets at all times. Otherwise, there are no emergency brakes for the instructor. They communicate via voice and hand signals and I’m sure Mark hopes he is not strapped in with a lunatic! He obviously relies on his own instincts, knowledge of the vehicle and what it can handle. He claims he could never be a passenger in car with himself behind the wheel.


Saracen Armoured Car and allow you to learn to drive this 6-wheeled Machine around a defined course. There is plenty of action - over hills, through creeks, mastering all sorts of moves, including moving the gun and turret.

A break for lunch and discussion session before the real action begins. Move on to even more rugged terrain and begin performing true Army moves, positioning the tank or armoured car into places you had never believed they would go as well as going through simulated battle scenarios.

Special issue army clothing will be supplied for use on the day. Suitable for people of all ages, although some driving experience preferred. Guests and spectators are welcome although there will be a small additional fee for lunch.


Rally Experience: Full day- $995/ Half day $495.
Armoured Car Experience: Full day- $595/ Hot lap ride- $150.
Please note prices are valid at time of filming.

More information
Hunter Valley
PO BOX 2265
Gateshead DC, MSW 2290
Ph: 1800 648 846
Fax: 02 4944 9311

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