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Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park

17:30 AEST Sat Mar 30 2013

Certainly many people love the idea of packing the tent, portable stove, sleeping bags, mosquito spray and other odds and ends. For them it's all part of the outdoors adventure.

Others, quite possibly including Kelly, like the idea of being with nature but not all the other stuff. The perfect solution is at Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park in Calga, around an hour north of Sydney. On one of their Wild Sleep-Outs all you need to do is arrive. Your tent is pitched, fires lit and food cooked for you. By the way, tents are animal-proof as long as you keep the door zipped!

The 69 hectare sanctuary has over 180 species of Australian marsupials, birds, reptiles and frogs, insects and spiders. They are all free to roam in natural bushland. They are quite used to human presence and most are happy to have you walk right up to them. The park is surrounded by state-of-the-art fox and cat-proof fencing making animals inside safe from their enemies.

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