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Ben behind the wheel.
Ben behind the wheel.
Ben is loving this ride.
Speeding along like a true Formula 1 driver.

Pure Power Motorsport

Thursday, February 28, 2002
Move over Michael Schumacher as Ben gets behind the wheel of a Formula 3000 car — the next best thing to Formula 1.

Until March this year, the general public had no chance of getting behind the wheel of a Formula 3000 car — the next best thing to Formula 1. Before you get too excited, there are some requirements: you must hold a current Australian driver's licence, be over 21 years old, be in good health, be able to drive a manual transmission and fit comfortably and safely into the cockpit of the 3000 (maximum height is 188cm). Once these are all given the tick, you can go ahead and make plans to have the drive of your life.

John Calmos and Graham Watson have created the Pure Power Motorsport Company to allow people who have always wanted to get behind the wheel of a "real" car to realise their dreams. They have worked very hard to ensure maximum safety without detracting from the heart-pumping excitement. Until they opened to the public, they ran a corporate program with groups of up to 20 enjoying a day of racing, lunch and refreshments. They streamlined their operation so well that they decided to let other people try their skills.

A session is 17-20 minutes of track time around the 2.2km circuit. This is equivalent to the time allocated for a round in the Australian Drivers' Championship/Formula Holden Series. You are taken round the track in a conventional car to get the feel and see the corners first-hand. When you are in the racing car, you are sitting so low you cannot see the apex of the corner until it is right there.

Before you take off in the 3000 there is a briefing covering dos and don'ts of driving such as areas to watch out for on the track, the controls and gears.

There are five formula cars, but they have only one on the track at a time. One is Jean Alesi's original Marlboro-sponsored 3000. They can reach up to 300km/h so it is a serious business. They say that once you have done a lap in a 3000, you will appreciate just what an F1 driver is enduring in a race lasting two hours.

A day of being around and driving Formula 3000 is the ultimate birthday gift, and all participants are given a certificate with their name, photo and lap time displayed.


Goulburn, two-and-a-half hours south-west of Sydney.


Pure Power Motorsport's 20-minute driving sessions cost $679 per person, including lunch. They operate out of Goulburn year round. Bookings must be made in advance.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

Pure Power Motorsport
45a Avalon Parade Avalon 2107
Ph: (02) 9973 2486
Fax: (02) 9979 4416

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