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Riding around the Murray.
Riding around the Murray.
Stopping to take it all in.

Moorna four-wheel motorbike tour

Thursday, May 31, 2001
Take a bike tour ranging from grazing country to sand dunes, flood plains, lakes and billabongs!

Moorna Station is a 26,000ha working property containing sheep, cattle and crops run by the Walsh family. As the last 10 years have not been too kind to graziers, the family looked at ways to supplement their living and decided to venture into the tourism industry.

The result is the very popular four-wheel motorbike tour business on their property — 40km of which has Murray River frontage. It is a quiet part of the river, which adds to the feeling of total seclusion as you are one-on-one with nature.

The rides appeal to people of all ages and there are one- or two-hour tours to choose from, including instructions on the Honda four-wheelers, tour guide, helmet and goggles. The local Honda company designed a canopy for the bikes which serves to keep off the rain or provide shade. (The canopies are also used by fruit pickers in the nearby town of Mildura.) The bikes are easy to master and you start by riding around a small area under the watchful eye of one of your hosts.

The bikes can cover wonderfully diverse territory, ranging from grazing country to sand dunes, flood plains, lakes and billabongs. Covering the different terrain is great fun, and the scenery changes with the seasons.

One highlight is crossing an old bridge which goes over a 20km man-made canal built to take water from the Murray into Lake Victoria, South Australia's main storage lake.

Along the way, you will no doubt see kangaroos, emus, wild pigs, domestic cattle, sheep, goats, an array of birds and gulls. Your guide will also tell you about the history of the area at different points on the tour.


Wentworth in south-west NSW.


4 Wheel Bike Tours on Moorna Station cost $33 per adult and $25 per child for one hour. They operate year-round.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

Moorna Station
Via Wentworth NSW 2648
Ph: 1800 039 043
Mildura Visitors' Information Centre: 1800 039 043

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