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Silverton Pub.
Silverton Pub.
Catriona at Silverton.
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Thursday, August 10, 2000
Hollywood of the outback: Catriona heads to where movies are made near Broken Hill. Location, location location!

Before Broken Hill was discovered, Silverton was the largest town in the Barrier Ranges. It started in 1883 and in its prime had three breweries, 12 pubs, schools, a courthouse, hospital and its own stock exchange. But then silver, lead and zinc were discovered in Broken Hill and almost overnight everyone left Silverton to find their fortunes just 25km away.

These days, Silverton has a population of just 80 and is virtually a ghost town thriving on tourism and filmmaking. The original pub is still there and the old jail is a museum.

It has become a favourite location for the film industry and has been used in Mad Max 2, A Town Like Alice, Razorback, Hostage, Blue Thunder, Priscilla and Mission: Impossible II, as well as hundreds of commercials and music videos.

The town has become such a popular location that it has its own casting agent. Bobby Pickup spends half her time there and half in Sydney spreading the word about Silverton. When she is away Steve Marcus, the owner of Imperial Fine Accommodation, looks after things and does a lot of catering for film crews.


Twenty-five kilometres north-west of Broken Hill.

More information

Broken Hill Regional Tourist Association
Ph: (08) 8087 6077

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