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Matty Johns at the beach
Matty Johns at the beach
The Brewery


Thursday, April 22, 2004
Newcastle is commonly referred to as the “gateway to the hunter valley”, but that's not it has to offer.

Newcastle is commonly referred to as the “gateway to the hunter valley” and the birthplace of Australia’s heavy industry.

Coal and steel dominated Newcastle during the 60’s and steel continues to be it’s lifeblood. Newcastle is a 2 hour drive North of Sydney. Blackbutt reserve is open all year round from 10am to 5pm, and entry to the park and animal enclosures is free, donations are welcome anytime. Newcastle’s harbour foreshores are entirely man-made and bare little resemblance to the way the Hunter was prior to the 19th century.

They were constructed from about 1840 with the material supplied by the ship’s ballast, the dredging of the river mouth and sand taken from the dunes of Newcastle East.

Queen’s Wharf: One of the most popular of Newcastle’s attractions. It features seaside shops and dining. The most prominent and well known of these is The Brewery.

The Brewery: One of Newcastle’s premier hotels situated on the beautiful foreshore that produces its own beer. 45 different beers to choose from, 13 on tap and 3 beers (called Blue Tongue) produced exclusively by the brewery. Has live entertainment such as Bandfest on the wharf on Sundays, Waterfront and Wharf bars, Brewery Bites for casual snacks and the Brewery Restaurant- one of the most popular modern Australian eateries with an extensive wine list. 150 Wharf Rd, Newcastle Ph: 02 4929 6333.

Customs House: If you want to film inside let Lindsay at the restaurant know when you get there. They are expecting you between 2.30 and 3.30 pm but it’s flexible. It is a large and graceful building adorned by a prominent clock tower and one of Newcastle's most impressive architectural monuments. Designed by colonial architect James Barnet and built in 1876-77 with the Watt St wing added 1898-1900. To the rear is the old railway pay office (1879). Watt St , ph: 02 4925 2585.

Bogey Hole: This large excavation says a lot about the nature of Newcastle in the early 19th century. It is a bathing pool which was built by convict labour for the personal pleasure of Major James T Morrisset, Military Commander from 1819-22 and became a public pool in 1803.


North Central Coast of NSW

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