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Balmoral House in the Blue Mountains.
Balmoral House in the Blue Mountains.
I wonder who did it?
Brendon is looking a tad conspicuous.

Host a Murder

Thursday, September 27, 2001
Have you always wanted to go away for the weekend, get dressed up and play a really spooky Host-a-Murder game? Get ready to be spooked.

Host a Murder is not a new parlour game, but it is still popular, particularly among friends on weekends away.

The perfect location to have an authentic, spooky night of fun would have to be Balmoral House in the Blue Mountains.

Balmoral was built in 1876 as a guesthouse. The whole street was lined with guesthouses, but they crumbled away. Balmoral still stands, making it the oldest guesthouse in the area.

It was to be demolished in the 1970s, but was saved and restored by the Childs family. In 1994, it was again in need of some loving, and John and Joan Heath were just the people to do it.

The Victorian-style house has 10 guestrooms; four with private facilities, and the other six share three large bathrooms. There is a dining room with open fire, bar, television room and lounge room with books, games and an open fire.

There is off-street parking, an outdoor spa and gardens set on half a hectare overlooking the old Catalina Racetrack.

If you've never enjoyed the fun of a Host a Murder party, here's what happens. First, you need 20 people. The Heaths choose a murder for the group to act out and everyone receives an overview and information about the character they will be playing. It works best if you get right into it and wear suitable costume.

Cocktails are served at 6.30pm, and everyone meets in the bar, dressed in costume and ready to get into character.

A script for the evening is broken into three acts — one for each course of the meal. People ask questions around the table, and the adjudicator, Detective Scott Mercy, runs the proceedings and makes sure the right questions are asked. Detective Mercy is dramatic, but takes none of the fun away. At the end of act three and dessert, everyone tries to guess who the murderer was.

It is said Balmoral House has its own ghost. Molly was a maid and was murdered by the chef. The Heaths say she is very friendly and appears in a mirror in the dining room, always wearing a Victorian-style yellow dress with frills and her hair in a bun. She's friendly, and who knows ... she may be able to help with the clues!


Katoomba, in NSW' Blue Mountains.


Balmoral House Host A Murder nights cost $149 per person, including cocktails, three-course dinner, one night's accommodation and three-course hot breakfast.
Please note prices are valid at time of transmission and to the best of our knowledge are inclusive of GST.

More information

Balmoral House
196 Old Bathurst Road, Katoomba 2780
Ph: (02) 4782 2264 Fax: (02) 4782 6008

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