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Drift School

Thursday, August 20, 2009
Jules Lund is still on an adrenaline-seeking fix and was keen to see what happens at Project D Drift School in Sydney. What began as an underground motorsport on the mountain roads of Japan has developed into a professional sport. Its popularity has exploded across the world. Our national series, Toyo Tires Drift Australia, began in 2005, and you can test your skills in a fun and exciting environment.

The only ability you need before joining the course is knowing how to drive a manual car. After a briefing, your instructor will show you how to do 180-degree turns and drift donuts on the skid-pan track.

It's all about white knuckles, the smell of burning rubber, handbrake turns around witch's hats — the faster, the better. Here is one place you're legally allowed to have a lead foot. There are no speed limits and no-one to tell you to slow down.

It's all done under safe conditions by instructors Fernando Wiehrl and Chris Easton who have competed in the national drift championship.

Cars have five-point harnesses, fire extinguishers and an "off" switch. Instructors can cut power if necessary. Vehicles need to be as light as possible without drag-causing weight. Suspension, two-way differential and power are modifications needed to create a drift car.

Competition involves two cars in battle. Points are scored on technique, not on who crosses the line first. Judges watch transitions, when direction is changed and angles taken going into corners — and speed.

It's not just the boys who like fast cars and drifting, with 40 percent of pupils being female. Fernando says he's had a father and daughter duo vying against one another.


Blacktown, an hour's drive from Sydney's CBD.


Project D Drift School full-day courses are $499 per person. Professional in-car instruction, hands-on driving session, information pack, lunch and refreshments are included. A minimum of a learner driver's licence is required and 16 is the minimum age.

Virgin Blue has flights to Sydney.

One-way fares from:

  • Canberra $75
  • Brisbane, Hobart and Melbourne $89
  • Adelaide $129
  • Perth $209
  • Darwin $250

There are limited seats which may not be available at peak times or on all flights. Fares quoted are one-way booked on the Internet. An extra $15 will be charged for phone bookings. A credit card surcharge of an additional $2 per person per one-way flight is applicable. Fares are correct at August 20, 2009, and are subject to change.

Prices correct at August 20, 2009.

For further information

Virgin Blue
Ph: 136 789

Project D Drift School
Unit 5, 1 Forge Street
Blacktown 2148
Ph: 0413 614 684
Fax: (02) 8814 9038

User comments
Bravo Getaway for the advertisement, great to see someone actually trying to get the drifters off the streets & back on the Tracks where they belong. For far too many years we have had the wowsers whinging at the drop of a hat about illegal street racing-never considering what would happen if they close all the Tracks down due to the noise or just not wanting a racing circuit in their backyard-even after they bought discount housing next to an established Race Circuit. Shame you cant make these types of ads permanent so they could be easily found by those who have the need-may just reduce road fatalities, but that wont happen now will it?-people are happy to have the hoons on the Streets & not on the Tracks by giving them no where to go
Project D is supposed to be the race team in an anime series called Initial D. So...the name is kinda ripped off... Anyway, good info. I'm curious to see what it's like. What techniques they offer and how good the Autosalon Industrie S15 driver is with instructing. It would suck to see my old driving instructor teaching there...ugh...hehe
What rock have you been hiding under wozza57? Drifting has featured in several hit movies in the last 10 or so years and is now a mainstream sport around the world. It involves very high skill levels and self discipline. Those who do it on the road are simply bogan hoons who would be hoons anyway irrespective of any media coverage such as the Getaway article. I say lets ban cricket and football from being televised so those nasty neighbourhood kids don't play it in the street or at picnic venues and spoil my ambience, or break my windows with an errant ball. You're talking nonsense and have unfortunately joined the unthinking masses who feed on negative media propaganda promoted by our misguided road safety campaigners. The hoons are a small minority and should face the full penalty of the law, including confiscation of their vehicles. But the rest of us who abide by the law and act responsibly should not be denied our sport.
I had never heard of drifting untill I saw it on Getaway, Guees what, Since the artical went to air we now have young hoons driving (speeding) up our street trying hard to "drift" their cars, I just watched one almost loose it and take out garbage bins and a light pole. What an iressposable topic to feature on the show, It had nothing to do with travel, just promoting anti social and illegal behaviour. the getaway show may end up being indirectly resposable for deaths on our roads.
I saw drift school on getaway and thought it looked good but i have to sat I experienced stunt driver with the V6 HiLux Heroes team and it was the best thing ever and I think you should feature them on getaway especially because they travel around Ausralia and everyone gets to see them they are amazing.

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