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Celeb Getaway: Dennis Quaid

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Getaway talks travel with Dennis Quaid, star of the film Vantage Point

Your favourite vacation spot and why?

Can you count tropical islands? A tropical island that has green water, snorkelling and a place on the beach and that's it for me. Hawaii?

What's your travel tip?

Pack light, pack light.

... women can't do that!

Women can never do that so that's out of the window for me since I got married and I have two more kids. It's done. What is it with you girls? I mean, the limit on bags is 50 pounds and how you can make, turn a carry on bag into a 75 pound event, how do you do that? It's incredible the stuff that you bring.

So what do you never leave home without when you travel?

Underwear and socks.

That’s it?

Really when you get down to it, what else do you need but underwear and socks and a toothbrush?

Have you been to Australia?

Yes, several times. I was at Turtle Island up at the Great Barrier Reef. Incredible place, amazing place. Best snorkelling I've ever seen with giant clams. It was actually Lizard Island, Turtle Island was the other place. Lizard Island, that was it because it had a lot of lizards on there. It was a lot of fun actually. Then Sydney and then just drove into the outback. This was back in the '80s.

Just drove along in the outback?

Just drove out in the outback. All you've got to do is get off the coast and you're in the outback.

What was the best thing about making this movie for you?

The action. I only had 17 lines of dialogue in the whole movie and that's what I loved about it. The rest was just running, looking here and looking there, a car chase and it was easy that way. So I got my exercise and I made money at the same time. I was doing acting which I love to do. It was great.

So can you explain how your character fits into this puzzle without giving to much away?

My character is a secret service agent who took a bullet for the president the year before. This is his first day back on the job since that time he took the bullet; he's very loyal and of course the worst thing happens on his first day back. He's being played, he finds out he's being played.

How was shooting in Mexico City?

Mexico City is very daunting to shoot in. The election was going on at that time and they blocked the streets off to most of the city and it's a crowded city to begin with. But it sure lends a lot to the film.

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