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Port Stephens dolphins

Thursday, April 22, 2010
Jason Dundas visited Port Stephens on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. It's on the edge of Great Lakes Marine Park, the state's largest and is made up of Tomaree and Tilligerry peninsulas and the Golden Bight.

The self-proclaimed dolphin capital of Australia has 30km of 26 white, sandy beaches and every water activity you can think of.

If you think you've seen one dolphin swim you've seen them all, Jason found one that promised to be different. He headed 5km off-shore to where the dolphins take you right into their world as you swim with the pod, the only place in New South Wales you can do that.

Heading out through the heads of Port Stephens to an area called Gravel Patch the excitement builds as everyone on the 15m catamaran Imagine wants to be the first to spot a pod. Andrew Parker, founder of Dolphin Swim Australia, says the dolphins are just as excited when they see humans.

Andrew was once a builder and developer and is now one of Australia's leading dolphin experts and facilitator of dolphin assisted therapy. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion for training and achieving results, as well as the spirituality and joy.

Apart from learning and understanding more about dolphins, people are delighted that they are actually assisting in Dolphin Swim Australia's research.

As they spotted the first five dolphins, Jason jumped in the water and was thrilled to see the dolphins heading towards him. They have no fear and choose to join you and you become part of the pod.

Eventually there were around 20 of them gliding around and even though he has had some pretty remarkable experiences with Getaway, Jason said this one takes the cake.


Port Stephens, 2.5 hours north of Sydney.


Dolphin Swim Australia costs $229 per swimmer. Swimmers must be a minimum of 12 years of age. Equipment hire is included. Observers pay $60.

For further information

Dolphin Swim Australia
123 Stockton Street
Nelson Bay 2315
Ph: 1300 721 358
Fax: (02) 4942 2466

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User comments
Awesome stuff - I've gotta get there myself! Thanks for showing this... B-)

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