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Celeb Getaway: Michael Bublé

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Getaway: What's your favourite vacation spot and why?
Michael: My favourite vacation spot is Hawaii, without a doubt. I got there every year just after Christmas, from about the 27th. I go for about two weeks, to the 9th or 10th. I just think it's really beautiful and tranquil, and I love playing tennis and golf, and going swimming and surfing, and having a little bit of privacy is nice too.

Getaway: Do you go alone?
Michael: I don't go alone, that would be really sad if I did.

Getaway: What's your number one travel tip?
Michael: My number one travel tip is that if your government tells you its not safe, you shouldn't go. A really great travel tip is that when you travel through airports you should just absolutely succumb to whatever they ask you to do because you know what there is no use having attitude or saying 'we don't do this in my country' because it's just going to be rougher for you, and I travel enough to know to just let it happen.

Getaway: What do you never leave home without?
Michael: You never leave home without your travellers' cheques or your computer. Personally I've never even had a travellers cheque, I just wanted to say that so that people would do it because I'm sure it's probably good if you get robbed or something. Um, computer is a good thing because you can even write home, Skype home 'I've been robbed and I have no travellers cheques'.

Getaway: What's your ultimate travel destination?
Michael: I've never been to Egypt and I've always wanted to have great kebab, the pyramids are nice too.

Getaway:What was your best Australian travel experience?
Michael: Every time I've been here I've had my best Australian travel experience. I like Australians and it's such a versatile country from place to place, culturally it's completely different and aesthetically it's different. I really can't tell you my favourite place I love Melbourne, I love Sydney, I'm a big fan of Brisbane sitting over the water, I like Adelaide, I've enjoyed myself in Perth, the Gold Coast is beautiful, it's a gorgeous country.

Getaway: What was the best thing for you about making the album Crazy Love?
Michael: The best thing about making the album Crazy Love?is actually finishing. It was the day it was done because it was a pain in the ass to do and I put a lot of my blood and guts in there. And I was very honest and it was very taxing emotionally and it meant a lot to me to make it right, to give it presence and honesty and emotional depth and to give the essence of what I do live. So I was really proud when it was finished and so probably the best part about doing the whole thing was knowing that I had done it right.

Getaway: Tell me a little about the single I Haven't Met You Yet.
Michael: The single I Haven't Met You Yet is basically an anthem that I wrote for all the people out there that are in between relationships and are hoping that the last one they went through is going to make them a stronger person and make them more ready for the next relationship they get into.

Getaway: How does the single I Haven't Met You Yet have that Beatles vibe?
Michael: It has a Beatles vibe because, just like so many different artists, I've been so inspired by the Beatles, and their greatness even in their simplicity. They wrote their songs with great melodic beauty, great lyrics. Some of the songs were four chords and they had great lines and great catchy, catchy hooks, it doesn't have to be complicated, it can be really sweet and simple. They were a big influence on my life musically, so it was kind of an ode to them to put it in there.

Getaway: Did you have any favourite locations while filming your film clips?
Michael: I think my favourite location probably had to be on the ice, I think I enjoyed being out there and skating around. I love skating and I love hockey, I love the game, it's fast and beautiful. For a game that people consider to be so rough and tough really it's a very intricate, really beautiful graceful game. I love getting out there and having an excuse to mess around on the ice.

Getaway: What's your best Canadian holiday destination?
Michael: My best Canadian holiday destination is probably up on Vancouver Island. I bought a little place and some acres on the water and I built a little boat so I could go out fishing and put prawn traps out and crab traps and I go there with my family and it's a blast. Really, its really nice, its very simple and quiet. It's really nice to go out there and be at one with nature.

Getaway: What is the most memorable place you have ever been lost?
Michael: The most memorable place I've ever been lost has got to be Paris, I walked out of my hotel room and I just started wandering and I don't know how, but I just lost my way and I started to get really scared because I had no money, no phone and I didn't even have the key to my room so I wasn't sure what hotel I was staying at, brilliant. And my piano player/musical director Allen he had seen me I guess out on the street, he was out walking too, and he decided it would be funny to come up and kind of scare me, boo! So he snuck up behind me and he went ha! And of course I thought I was going to get mugged and turned around and I almost killed him and it was pretty memorable.

Getaway: Your favourite city in Canada?
Michael: My favourite city is Vancouver without a doubt and I am completely biased because I was born and raised there and I'm a proud Canadian and especially a proud Vancouverite. Aesthetically it's incredible, it rivals some of these places in Australia. The people are a little conservative but they're very sweet and it's always going to be home for me.

Getaway: Favourite place to eat in Canada?
Michael: My favourite place to eat in Canada is a little place on Hastings Street, by my grandparents house. I call it Jenny's. I don't think it's really called Jenny's because it's a Chinese name, I won't even try. I call it Jenny's because I know the woman who owns it and her name is Jenny. Although I can't understand much of what she says to me she is a cutie-pie and we go there a lot and she makes great, great food. You know it's awesome because everyone is Chinese and we are the only not-Chinese people.

Getaway: What's the one thing you must check out when visiting Vancouver?
Michael: Did I mention Jenny's already? One thing people have to check out when they go to Vancouver is Stanley Park, which is absolutely beautiful. It's a great tourist destination where basically you can walk around the whole city on the sea wall which overlooks the river and the Pacific Ocean. You can ride your bike, take a stroll if you have kids, you can have a beautiful meal or even just a picnic in the park. It's one of the largest city parks in North America and we're really proud of it. It was named after Lord Stanley and it's a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful part of our city.

Getaway: Where would you most like to live in the world?
Michael: You know the truth is I'm living where I would most like to live, and that's in Vancouver, and again its home. It is where I was raised, but I've actually been considering Australia, and I have a feeling that I will probably invest and maybe get a little holiday place. Not something crazy. I like it here too much not to be here more than I am. And I'm not the only one. All the people who come with me from my crew to my friends to record company people, you just fall in love with Australia, and it's not just about the aesthetics because obviously the weather is nice and it's a beautiful place, but the people are brilliant, and you [Australians] don't take yourselves too seriously but at the same time you have a lot of class and a lot of great culture, and its just a great place to be.

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