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Top five places to spend the Aussie dollar

Thursday, August 9, 2007
The Australian dollar is riding high at the moment, which is great news for those heading overseas. Here are the five places where the dollar is doing best against the local currency.

Japan: 23.1 percent
Japan is certainly not a cheap destination, but with the yen dropping 23 percent against the Australian dollar, your money will stretch further than before.

Taiwan: 15.8 percent
Maybe not on everyone's list, but it comes in at number two. Australians love to shop on holidays and Taiwan certainly has lots to sell!

Switzerland: 14.5 percent
An expensive destination for a long time and while that hasn't changed, right now you will get more value for your dollar.

South Africa: 14.1 percent
South Africa is a very financially friendly place to visit right now. The hard part will be deciding what to do when you get there — safari, beaches, vineyards? The list is long.

The United States: 14.1 percent
The Australian dollar has gained 14 percent on the greenback, taking it to an 18-year high.

Source: and HiFX

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