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Dog-lovers' delight: the Kelpie Muster

17:30 AEST Sat May 11 2013

Ben Dark went to the relatively small Victorian rural centre of Casterton on the banks of the Glenelg River. It's in a valley, surrounded by rolling hills and is a centre of mixed farming, timber producing and dairy farming.

Recognised as the birthplace of the kelpie breed of Australian working dog, Casterton hosts the Australian Kelpie Muster Working Dog Auction and Festival every June long-weekend.

The muster has been running since 1997 and enjoys enormous success, attracting those who are in the market for a working dog and those who just want to admire the animals' skills. For people on sheep farms the dogs are the most important part of their daily work.

Ben and his new friend Angus decided to take the farm dogs to town for the kelpie muster. The association that holds the event is quite small and relies on the assistance of volunteers, but all proceeds are put back into the community.

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