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World's hottest destinations

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ever wondered where the world likes to take their holiday? Check out the top ten hit list of the world's hottest destinations:

One: France
75.1 million visitors per year
There is no surprise that his has come in as the hottest destination to travel to. As Catriona said after her last visit to Paris, "it is one of the most sublime cities in the world."

Two: Spain
53.6 million visitors per year
Spain is just magical and after Jules' last trip there, he mentioned they were in a hurry, but then again, they do host the running of the bulls!

Three: United States of America
46.1 million visitors per year
The USA serves up something for everyone and is certainly recovering from its loss of numbers since September 11.

Four: China
41.8 million visitors per year
There is a city that just keep breaking all kids of records and that is Shanghai. It is pumping with people and everything technical that you could ever imagine.

Five: Italy
37.1 million visitors per year
Bella! There are possibly two reasons people flock to Italy time after time. Food and people! This is definitely one for the romantics.

Six: United Kingdom
27.7 million visitors per year
London calling. Kicking in at sixth spot on the hottest destinations is UK, the gateway to it all! No surprises here, the UK is the place to be.

Seven: Hong Kong
21.8 million visitors per year
It has moved up from tenth spot last year and packing in the crowds.

Eight: Mexico
20.6 million visitors
What a hot-spot to holiday in. Ben recently visited Mexico and was proud to say that he lived in that Sombrero! Hola!

Nine: Germany
20.1 million visitors
A great destination at any time, but particularly popular if you fancy a beer. May we suggest you head over for Oktober Fest and check out the beer halls.

Ten: Austria
19.4 million visitors
Tourists are lured here by the cafes of Veinna, the music of Motzart and the cool snow fields. Popular spot: head to Innsbruck for some great skiing.

Visitors per annum. Source: World Tourism Organisation.

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