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Cruising the Amazon
Cruising the Amazon
The Burj al Arab, Dubai
The Burj al Arab, Dubai

50 must-see places: 41-50

With our 50 must-see places of the world we have 41 to 50. From jazz in New Orleans to exotic Zanzibar.

41 New Orleans: Home of jazz, mardi gras, the Missississippi, hot food and uninhibited people, New Orleans is an exciting melting pot of life.

42 Banaue rice terraces: The rice terraces on the island of Luzon in the Philippines are 2000 years old and an engineering feat rivalling the Pyramids and the Great Wall of China. If they were joined end to end, they would reach halfway around the globe.

43 Inside Passage, Alaska: Wonderful and dramatic scenery. Ships gently and gracefully glide past fjords, forests and landscape which changes before your eyes.

44 Twelve Apostles: Off the south coast of Victoria along the Great Ocean Road, these spectacular formations have been sculpted by wind and waves.

45 Barcelona: Barcelona is fiercely independent from the rest of Spain. It is bold, has enormous flair, mouth-watering food and some wild architecture, mostly designed by the eccentric Antoni Gaudi.

46 The Amazon: The world's greatest river, second longest to the Nile, the Amazon is 6280km of water feeding the world's biggest rainforest. You can cruise along in style, drop in to sample village life and dance to the rhythms of the rainforest.

47 The Burj al Arab, Dubai: The Arabian Tower is the only hotel to have ever been awarded seven stars. It is shaped like the sail of a traditional dhow and oozes luxury.

48 Graceland: The home of Elvis Presley and one of the most visited places in the US. Pilgrims flock to Memphis, Tennessee, to see where the King lived.

49 Canadian Rockies: Take the Rocky Mountaineer through the Rockies and be in awe of its splendour. Even in winter you will be in air-conditioned comfort in domed viewing carriages while admiring the rugged wilderness.

50 Zanzibar: This island off Africa's east coast is a traveller's dream. It has beautiful beaches, amazing markets with pungent spices and architecture straight from the Arabian Nights. Stone Town is a World Heritage site listed with the UN.


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