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Ice Hotel, Sweden
Ice Hotel, Sweden
Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro
Palace of the Lost City
Palace of the Lost City

50 must-see places: 31-40

With our 50 must-see places of the world we have 31 to 40. From our very own Sydney Harbour to the beautiful Cinque Terre in Italy.

31 Sydney Harbour: The world's most beautiful harbour. The Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge set off a busy harbour of ferries, work boats and pleasure craft, little bays and sandy beaches.

32 Tokyo: Intense and electrifying, Japan's largest city is a place of super-charged shopping. And for those keen on technology, this is where it all starts, with gadgets for everything, superseded as soon as they hit the shops.

33Petra: This ancient city in the desert of Jordan is stunning and majestic. Nabasteans carved the city into a mountain to protect themselves from marauding tribes. Once a major centre of the ancient world, when trade routes changed it was lost to the world for 15 centuries.

34 Cuba: Images of Castro, the aroma of the world's best cigars … Cuba is a land of politics and passion. It is a poor country with a rich culture. With lots of great music and big old American cars, Cuba swings with a special energy.

35 Ice Hotel: Sweden and Canada offer the ultimate in cool. Each winter they carve a fully-operational hotel out of ice. Everything is made out of ice, including your bed. Skin sleeping bags keep you warm. Staying overnight is quite an experience!

36 Galapagos: Nature lovers adore this time capsule island, 1000km off the coast of Ecuador. It has resident creatures which disappeared from the rest of the planet eons ago. The marine iguana had to learn to swim to survive and helped inspire Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

37 Rio de Janeiro: The famous Copacabana Beach attracts many tourists each year. Sip Brazilian coffee while you watch the girls (and boys) from Ipanema pass by or climb the wondrous Corcorvado to the open arms of the statue of Christ the Redeemer.

38 Prague: Castles and cathedrals have given this beautiful place the name "the City of One Hundred Spires". The capital of the Czech Republic is a treasure chest of history.

39 Palace of the Lost City: South Africa is home to one of the world's most extraordinary hotels. It offers an overload of African images and is totally over the top. The Lost City is make-believe, but the crocodiles around the golf course are the real thing.

40 Cinque Terre: "Five lands" made up of beautiful rural villages along Italy's Gulf of Genoa. There are wonderful walking trails, views, seafood and the best pesto you've ever tasted!

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