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Top five beaches in Australia

Whether it's for the waves, sand or sun, the land down under has been known to house some of the best beaches in the world.

Take a look at Getaway's pick of the five best beaches in Australia.

1. Whitehaven, Queensland
2. Cable Beach, Western Australia
3. Wineglass Bay, Tasmania
4. Hyams, New South Wales
5. Bells Beach, Victoria

Don't agree with our pick of the top five beaches in Australia? Tell us what you would add to the list? Leave your comments below.

User comments
Best beaches was a brilliant segment. Pity one area was missed. I know a couple of beaches that put the rest to shame, white sand, clear water, very swimable and no people. Such a shame that the Territory didn't even rate a mention. Very dissapointing.
I recently went to wineglass bay in Jan 2009. I'm 12, I was 11 at the time and I really enjoyed the beach except for the long hot hike to get there. When we got there I had a swim,cold but beautiful. We camped there for 1 night. What a experience being woken in the middle of the night by possums, wallabies, rain and the sound of waves. I recommend it for people that can last a huge!!!! bush walk to get to their destination.
I have been to a lot of the beaches people have mentioned and a couple of the top 5 but there is always something missing. One of the best beaches is at Cape Bridgewater for these realsons. 1. It has crystal blue water, white sand you know the look 2. It has a backdrop of an extinct volcano, great at sunset 3. Great Fishing 4. There is always something to see like seals, dolphins, killer whales, blue whales and even the odd shark out further! 5. You can surf there 6. There are other attractions like *** wholes, fresh water springs, petrified forest and more... 6. Its one of the best kept secrets in Australia!!! So not over populated.
Easy - any beach in Queensland.
1. Coral Bay, WA - The best of everything, a beautiful beach with swaying palms, the Ningaloo Reef teaming with turles, manta rays, tropical & temperate fish, an abundance of corals, hardly anyone else about, & 300m inland you've got red desert country. It's a culmination of all the best aesthetic elements from around the country! 2. Turquoise Bay, Cape Range NP, WA. pretty much the same as 1 3. Whitehaven, Whitsunday islands. Pure white silica sands, & warm tropical waters. Few too many people around through. 4. Lucky Bay & Hellfire Bay, Cape Le Grand National Park, WA (near Esperance). The sand is so fine and so white that it squeeks when you walk on it, the water is a stunning blue, and you're almost guaranteed to see wallabies & western grey kangaroos hanging out on the beach with you. The only downside is that in winter the water is freezing.. but in summer it's just perfect! 5. Cape Tribulation, QLD. Nicely nestled in the heart of the oldest rainforest on earth! (Daintree)
For me, the best beaches are, Seaford, Anglesea and Venus Bay In Victoria. They are all awesome. You don't have to be in QLD or WA to find a good beach!!!!!!
I've always found the best beaches are the ones no one knows about. Go for a hunt on the south east coast of Australia and you'll find beaches to rival even the number one beach, Whitehaven.
I know where Number 1 is, but you're mad if you think I'm going to tell everyone!!!
Port Hughes on Yorke Peninsular has to rate among the top beaches in Oz. A delightful bay with a long clean white safe sandy beach with pristine clear water. Great for swimming, walking and fishing and protected by dunes. Just hope the new golf course and the influx of people it will bring doesn't spoil it.
Love Whitehaven and Wineglass. We are so lucky in Australaia to have so many fab beaches to choose from one I particularly love is Koonya Beach in Victoria, exposed to Bass Straight rugged and exceptionally beautiful, glorious sunsets. Rug up if its cool or windy- will definitely *** the cobwebs away!

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