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St Petersburg
St Petersburg

From the must-see places: 21-30

Counting down around the world we have some must-see destinations from Ireland to Victoria Falls.

21. Ireland: The green country with so many counties to choose from... For many it has an almost mystical lure. Some go for the source of fine writing, some go for the music, some go to uncover family roots. The people are warm and friendly, accommodation is plentiful … but don't ever go without your raincoat.

22. The Great Wall of China: The huge, serrated wall zigzags its way east to west, north of Beijing. It is so vast it's said to be visible from the moon. Construction began in the seventh-century BC, with states building their own walls for defence. It stretches 6000 kilometres and has been renovated from time to time.

23. Arctic/Antarctic: The ultimate destinations, stark white, silent and breathtaking. Not easy to reach, but worth the trip, especially if you are fortunate enough to see Aurora borealis and Aurora australis, nature's great lightshows.

24. Gallipoli: This part of Turkey, the site where many so young men lost their lives or sustained lingering injuries in World War I, cannot adequately be described in words. It is now a haunting yet inspirational place and the focal point of annual Anzac Day ceremonies.

25. Mt Everest: This magnificent mountain offers a spiritual journey, past yaks, monasteries, butter lamps on altars and the smell of burning juniper all around.

26. St Barts: Of the many islands in the Caribbean, St Barts in the French West Indies is among the most exclusive, with a high concentration of wealth, fame and glamour.

27. Angkor Wat: Cambodia's man-made spectacle is totally awesome. When kings tried to outdo each other, their temples became larger and grander. What remains is an area covered in massive stone buildings.

28. St Petersburg: This is Russia's most "European" city, with palaces and monuments which are so extravagant and beautiful they helped spark the Russian Revolution. The excesses of the tsars while their people starved led to the storming of the Winter Palace, now called the Hermitage, with priceless artworks now on display to the masses.

29. Victoria Falls: A hundred metres of crashing water forming a curtain of seven-million litres of water every second, these falls are twice as tall as Niagara.

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