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Singapore shopping with fashionista Camilla Franks

17:30 AEST Sat May 4 2013

When Dermott Brereton was told he was going to Singapore he was quite excited. Then he found out his assignment involved shopping — lots of shopping — and a bit of his excitement wore off. Very sensibly he thought to call Catriona Rowntree, Getaway's champion shopper, for some tips. She suggested packing light in a very big bag.

The little island republic off Malaysia's coast has been a shopping destination since becoming a British trading post in the early 1800s. Over the years it has become one of the world’s most modern and sophisticated cities.

Orchard Road, the city's retail and entertainment hub, was named after the nutmeg orchards lining the streets in the 1830s. Some remain, providing shady relief from the midday heat.

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