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Bec with her new friend.
Bec with her new friend.
Bec with her new friend.

Breakfast with the Orangutan

Thursday, November 8, 2001
Bec will never forget a breakfast date with an orang-utan in Singapore... "When he put his arms around me, he could have easily crushed me but he was so gentle."

The Zoological Gardens are in a lush jungle setting and more than 1,600 animals are housed in landscaped enclosures where rock walls are streams replace cages.

The Zoo is noted for its Orang-utan breeding program and is the only zoo in the world where the pbulic can have breakfast with the orang-utan.

The Zoo is also home to other ednangered species like the Bawean hog deer from Indonesia, Sumatran tiger, clouded leopard, golden tamarin, cheetah and sealion. There is a Zoo tram which starts just inside the entrance gates which has a taped commentary to inform visitors as it travels through the grounds.

Singapore is an island at the tip of the Malay Peninsula. A 1,000m causeway connects it to Johore Bahru in Malaysia. There are 59 islets included in its territorial waters. Singapore island covers 639 square km.

Singapore is the busiest port in the world and one of the largest oil refining and distribution centres. It is also an important financial centre for Asia.


Zoological Gardens, 15km NW of the city centre, Singapore


For updated costs, please contact Singapore Tourist Promotion Board.

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Singapore Tourist Promotion Board
Level 1202, Westpac Plaza, 60 Margaret Street, Sydney 2000
02 9241 3771
Qantas Holidays 13 14 15

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