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Chitwan National Park, Nepal

18:00 AEST Sat Apr 27 2013

The landlocked Democratic Republic of Nepal is one of the world’s most recent nations to become a republic. It is a country of highly diverse and rich geography, culture and religions, as well as having eight of the world’s ten highest mountains, including Mount Everest.

Jason Dundas experienced an unexpected side of Nepal — a place that is sure to delight nature lovers. Chitwan National Park. In the local language, Chitwan means "the heart of the jungle". The country's first national park, Chitwan was established in 1973. It covers 932 sq km in the inner Terai lowlands at an altitude of around 100 metres, close to its border with India.

In a country known for beautiful mountains, the park has diverse forest, grasslands, rich flora and fauna and offers a totally different experience.

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