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Heading to Tribal Council
Heading to Tribal Council
On Survivor Island
Hanging around
Brendon is about to be voted off

Survivor Island, Sabah

Thursday, April 15, 2004
Brendon heads to the Survivor Island of Sabah to outwit, outlast and outplay! Are you ready to take the challenge?

Pulau Tiga means "three islands" but these days it is more commonly referred to as Survivor Island thanks to the filming of the US and UK versions of the reality television series.

Just 10km off Sabah's west coast, Pulau Tiga is just 4.5km long and 1.5km wide. Its highest point is only 100 metres above sea level. It has just two developments – the Marine Park Headquarters on the southern side which is just an office, staff quarters and a rest house for visiting scientists, and the Pulau Tiga Resort.

Choosing the island as the location for Survivor was the result of two years of searching exotic locations in South America, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

Survivor's executive producer said Pulau Tiga offered everything they were looking for. Good access to an airport — Borneo in this case — and loads of unusual animal life. Monkeys, monitor lizards, snakes, pythons, flying foxes, eagles all live there, but none so dangerous that lives would be in peril. A lost world, but not too dangerous.

Fortuitously for all concerned, there was a permit for an ecological resort to be built, but the owners of that permit had insufficient funds. The compromise was made that the production house would fund the building on the proviso that they be the exclusive first tenants.

The Resort is up and running for everyone now, and offers true Survivor fanatics the chance to recreate their own Survivor experience in the form of a four days/three nights package. They run around 10 a year.

It offers comfortable accommodation with a local flavour in architectural design, blending with the island's natural environment. Three distinctive style of accommodation all offer views of the sea.

Mini Survivor comes in two versions — easy and difficult. For the easy version participants compete in challenges but stay at the resort. The difficult version has everyone doing everything themselves, such as building a camp from scratch and being involved in more challenges. The difficult version has people sleeping on the beach under the stars, but it seems most give up on that for the comfort of a bed in the Resort.

There is a choice of challenges — blowing hand made darts through a wooden blowpipe, an SOS rescue game, retrieving a wooden chest from the sea, an obstacle course via flying fox and canopy walkway and a food challenge involving some rather gross morsels.

For a non-Survivor influenced holiday, Pulau Tiga Resort has plenty to offer. Swimming, snorkelling, fishing, diving and trail exploring are great activities. A 7km coral reef around the islands is home to around 35 general species and 98 species of hard corals and their accompanying guests, the brightly coloured fish and other marine life which make their home there.

You can jetski, go banana boating, fish and kayak and the Resort provides scuba dive activities and PADI dive courses.


Pulau Tiga Island, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo


Pulau Tiga Resort three night Survivor Package costs around $290 per person, but for just a relaxing holiday, accommodation starts at around $100 a double a night.
Australian Airlines files twice a week to Sabah starting at $999 from Sydney, $1009 from Perth, $1017 from Darwin, $1022 from Melbourne, $1023 from Brisbane and $1034 from Adelaide, per person.
Please note prices are valid at time of filming.

More information

Pulau Tiga Island
Ph: 6-088 240 584
Fax: 6-088 240 415

Australian Airlines: 1300 799 798

Qantas Holidays: 13 14 15

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