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More to Indonesia than just Bali: Try Jakarta

17:30 AEST Sat Apr 28 2012
It took Getaway over twenty years to visit Jakarta, and Jason was the one to break the ice.

With Indonesia on Australia's doorstep, 98 percent of Australians who go there head for Bali. Jakarta would love to have some of that tourist dollar and prices on many things have been cut, including accommodation which can take up a big chunk of your travel budget.

Jakarta, Indonesia's capital, is on the northwest coast of Java. Established in the fourth century, it was an important trading port and was the de facto capital of the Dutch East Indies. It has more than 13 million residents and a unique diversity of tribes, language, culture and traditions. A true melting pot.

User comments
FYI - It's spelled "Senayan", not "Sanayan".
sounds like a great place to visit,i also believe there is gret shopping in jakarta.maybe next year my daughter & i will be able to visit
The place is a dump. Incomprehensible in layout, dirty and without any real CBD area - though one seems to be developing. Incredibly low levels of English and prone to utter grid lock making it difficult to get around and if you do actually get to one of the main tourist spots (eg the aquarium) there is no certainly there will be an ATM there. Maybe if you had to spend a couple of days there you could do pre-organised day trips. That might work. Otherwise the place is rubbish. Go to Jogyakarta - flights are short to there from Bali with a number of characters - or get really intrepid and try Kalimantan.

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