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Cambodia's new five-star floating resort

17:30 AEST Sat Feb 9 2013

When he heard he was going somewhere with a reputation as a Wild West frontier town, Dermott thought he was off to north America. He was in for one big surprise when his flight headed to Cambodia. Destination: Koh Kong in the country's south-west.

Until fairly recently, access to Koh Kong was extremely limited and its isolation made it a place of illegal logging, wild animal smuggling, banditry, gambling, prostitution and a soaring rate of HIV AIDS.

The building of the Thai-Cambodian bridge across the Kah Bpow River, road upgrading, industry and investment have contributed to cleaning up the town and it is becoming a tourist destination. There are many traditional fishing communities which have remained untouched.

Koh Kong has a long, undeveloped coastline and a mountainous, forested and largely inaccessible interior embracing parts of the Cardamom Mountains and Kirirom National Park.

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