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Jason Dundas is leaving Getaway

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It's been five amazing years travelling the world and experiencing different cultures for Getaway presenter Jason Dundas, and now the 29-year-old star is ready to say goodbye to what he's described as his 'dream job' on the longest running travel program in Australia.

"Just wanna say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone in Australia who watched Getaway over the last five years!!" Dundas posted on Getaway's Facebook page on Saturday.

He added: "thanks to you I got to live my dream. I hope I was able to take you along the ride with me!"

The former Penrith boy told the Sun-Herald he has accepted a new hosting gig in New York for VH1's five-day-a-week one-hour morning show Big Morning Buzz Live. Dundas said he's ready for live TV, and has moved from his base of LA to New York for the show, which goes live today in the US.

All the best for the future, Jason! Leave a message for Jason on Getaway's Facebook page. Getaway airs Saturdays at 5.30pm, and you can catch up online right afterwards here.

Click the button below to see one of Jason's final Getaway adventures where he found sexy and sunny alternatives to Bali:

Or watch Jason's recent nude slip in Nepal on Getaway below:

User comments
Great work mate. One chapter ends, another starts. How do I get your job on get away? Similar to yourself its my dream job!
Good on you Jase!! You've come a long way since those early days at MTV as a newbie. Very glad your abundant exuberance and zest for life endured through it all. Your drive and natural easygoing style have ensured an ongoing career. Moving forward or on, is never a bad thing!! Best of luck on your new show and career in the States.
There should be more to report about other than someone's job change. Your 5 minutes of fame are over. Good or not, nobody will remember you in 5 years. Good luck though.
I'm surprised at the negative comments.. he was a great part of the show with fun and interesting stores. I think it is shame, but possibilities are endless.. Good luck Jason!!
You made the show , the travelling locations, people more interesting to watch. It gives a fresh look to the destinations that you present on TV. I love the show and it would be sad to see you depart. It was great to see you on TV and the location you presented. "Coming up, Jason Dundas on BALI " . It's been great and good wishes for anything you do. Getaway made it possible, you have made it possible to watch in holiday destination you presented. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, YOU HAVE TRAVEL ALOT MORE INTERESTING, I guess show lasted because you were one of the best presenters. billyjean111
THANK GOD he is leaving. Australia TV needs some presenters with a little more class!
Congratulations Jason, I loved your reporting on Getaway. I loved your sense of humour and you are OK to look at too!! I will miss you....good luck.
THank god he is going. He's so full of himself
Thank goodness he is going - can't stand that accent or his presentation.

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