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Jennifer Hawkins and Kate Ceberano join Getaway in 2011

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Getaway has exciting news: two new presenters are joining the show!

Supermodel Jennifer Hawkins and ARIA-Award winner Kate Ceberano will travel the world in the 20th anniversary series of Australia's longest running lifestyle program.

Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins will be a special guest reporter, filing stories from the United States, Tahiti and England.

"I'm looking forward to working as a guest reporter on Getaway. I can't wait to kick off 2011 with travel and new adventures," she said. "Getaway is truly my dream job."

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Jennifer Hawkins isn't the first glamourpuss to do a regular guest stint on Getaway. Who could forget Sophie Monk's memorable segments from Hawaii and the US last year?

Kate Ceberano brings 25 years of experience touring and performing across the world, so she's well up to the task of globe-trotting with Getaway. She joins current team Natalie Gruzlewski, Catriona Rowntree, Dermott Brereton, Jason Dundas, Kelly Landry and Jules Lund.

"To say that I'm excited about joining Getaway is a significant understatement," Ceberano said. "Travelling as much as I have throughout my career — I just love it. But the one thing I've always longed for is a witness, someone to say, 'Hey are you seeing what I'm seeing?' I can't wait."

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Ceberano departed yesterday to film her first domestic story for the show, with an international trip planned for late February. Her upcoming trips include a trawl through her family heritage in Hawaii and the Philippines, and Disneyland and Disney World adventures in the United States.

Kate Ceberano isn't the only Aussie singer to travel for Getaway. In 2010, Delta Goodrem visited the Twilight town and the Seattle music scene, while Vanessa Amorosi rode horses on the beach in Noosa.

Getaway's new season begins 8pm, Thursday, January 27, on Channel Nine.

Are you excited about Jennifer Hawkins and Kate Ceberano joining Getaway? Tell us below!

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User comments
O Why don't those self-indulged layabouts on Getaway get a real job for once in their life!!
I stopped watching "The Great Outdoors" because of Jen! She's nice to look at but no talent what so ever.. Boring, Boring, BORING!! Kelly, Nat & Cat ar beautiful & TALENTED!!
Kate is a singer and not appealing as a travel guro Bags of blearts to 9 for taking this show down to 30 mins what happened did you pay to much for kate Come on the next 3 hours is repeat murders in USA why can't we enjoy travel show enen about Australia with NO cops No murders and sheer bliss in my arm cahair ' It is very obvious you do not know you veiwers OR perhaps you don't really care Thankypou for the previous shows that were so good and deserve repeating
Pantherz, yeah maybe Jen will boost ratings the same way she boosted Myer sales (note Myer lost $42.8M last year). Laughable. I think more people will stop watching because he fame is beyond a joke now. D-Lister.
I am sorry, but I dont think Jennifer Hawkins is the right person for Getaway, the show needs natural people who are showing us places to visit, Jennifer looks as though she is the one to be looked at, she primps and poses too much.....
Why was a Scientologist brought on the show? Until Kate Ceberano leaves, I will never watch Getaway again. It's bad enough with Sophie Monk on the show, let alone having a Scientologist as well
Seriously, why is the show half an hour now? Yet you ad more presenters. That means even less of my favourite presenters Natalie Gruzlewski and Kelly Landry. Clearly Getaway doesn't pay enough or something and channel nine weather presenting and farmer wants a wife does. Also an upcoming presenting talent like Kelly deserves a more regular slot than just every 2nd or 3rd show. Tha'ts what will happen with more presenters and less time. I used to look forward to Getaway each week as there was sure to be atleast one of Natalie or Kelly on, tonight neither are on! I agree Sophie Monk is a kind of boring as a presenter and too skinny. I'd much rather see Kelly Landry deep sea diving in a swimsuit than her. Love Kel and Nat not just because they look good, I also think they're underrated as tv personalities.
PLease go back to an hour of Getaway, has always been my favourite show, but 30mins including ads is not good enough!
We are so sick of seeing Sophie Monk everywhere, on TV and radio... now Getaway? She's the epitome of Bimbo, all she's got from LA is fakeness! Everytime we see her skinny *** strutting on Getaway we switch channels. Just like we stopped listening to 2day FM. None of my friends like her either, we call her Sophie Skunk!
Sophie Monk really lowers the tone of Getaway. She has no sophistication and acts more like bogan. She is incredibly skinny and adds nothing to the show. Bring on Jen and Kate but get rid of Sophie!

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