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Summer break

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After successfully completing my first year on Getaway, the last thing you'd think I needed was a holiday but I was in desperate need of one.

I had my eyes set on a big old house in Byron Bay for two weeks; nothing but beach cricket, barbecues and a bit of surfing. However, due to strange amounts of bad weather in the Bay, I made a quick decision to fly to Bali, the land of perfect weather, instead!

Bali is amazing; excellent surf, the ocean a bubbling 27 degrees and your average meal costs about $3. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

I got back a couple of days before Christmas. Christmas '07 was all about my first nephew Callum — he put a spark back in everyone's festive season.

The last two weeks I have spent soaking up as much of the Sydney Festival as possible.

Getaway 2008 begins for me in Newcastle, then I head off overseas, starting with New Zealand, then China and Hawaii.

I love my job!

Jason wins Cleo Bachelor of the Year!

User comments
hi there, i just want to know what size an make the surfboard jason was surfing on at red bluff.. thankyou. tony
Do you think you guys could learn how to pronounce Thebarton? It sure as hell isn't The Barton.
anyone know who the gorgeous dress is by that Natalie had on in the coffs harbour story??????
To Ben Dark . How long has getaway been on the air ... How long have you been with the show also . I found you to be very funny . I just love it when you do the reporting . from kath Joseph
getawy has given me the urge to travel more and see places i have only dreamt of visiting all the crew seem love their jobs i tune into watch every week for pretty ladies
Hi there! I loved Catriona's story on Lefkada, Greece on Thursday, July 31st - can anyone please tell me what the music soundtrack is called playing in the background when Catriona too a dip in the crystal blue sea? Ta, Paul
Hey, Just wondering what the songs used in 8th July Episode with "Jules" in Mumbai Holi Festival, the popular indian songs? I don't know what they're called?
Hello guys i am my name is mark i like in coogee with my mum and ddad i love youre show mum and dad love t watch it to. one day i want to gofor holldays in afrika. my mum likes jasonn and dad likes ben dark becuase he is a topp ozzie bloke and i like natalie becaus she is pretty. Im using dads comptuter because he let me once. do you guys like sprts? i play cricket with my freinds out on the oval but i have to come in whens it gets dark. thanks guys for the fun. I like getaway Mark
Hi Jason Was just watching the getaway show and you look like an awesome fun guy. I am 24 and have just moved to Sydney from NZ and would love to meet you one day. Good luck for cleo bachlor of the year I am sure you will win hands down!
Can anybody tell me please the designer of the gorgeous dress Natalie was wearing on her Queen Victoria story?

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