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We hope you're enjoying the European Road Trip, which sees four intrepid young Aussies sharing a campervan and driving across Europe for six weeks. Here they blog about what didn't make it on your screen, so be sure to come back each week for the goss.

You can also join their Facebook fan page to see their personal photos, and learn more about the team in our exclusive online video.


It's woine toime!

Hey! We're now past the half-way point in our European Road Trip ... which is pretty devastating ... but there's a lot of fun to come in the weeks ahead. I now have London to Amsterdam to Cologne, through Belgium and into France under my seat-belt (but had no idea I'd be the only one with a license and would have to drive the whole friggin' trip!). Tonight's segment represents the longest leg of the drive, and it wasn't the most comfortable thing either. Luckily for the others, this drive meant they could catch up on some sleep. But I just had lots of coffee and energy drinks as my travelling mates!

Belgium was a good stop off; the girls finally bought pillows they liked and stopped whinging about manchester, I got a coffee machine so I could finally enjoy a good Mocha, and Gabe and I bought a soccer ball that literally lasted five minutes before being squashed under a car ... in the shopping complex car park.

Whilst trying to navigate around the very hectic Parisian roads to find our caravan park, we managed to come across the Arc De Triomphe, which acts as a giant roundabout. It has 12 entries and exits and no lines specifying lanes ... chaotic to say the least! Especially in a huge caravan. After about three or four laps I actually pulled the caravan over and stopped on the inside lane mounting the gutter so we could all get out and have a quick photo. That caused a few angry horn beeps!

The following day we had plans to go up the Eiffel Tower but unfortunately some goose had protest plans and decided to climb out onto the tower itself, causing a shut-down just as we got to the front of the line! Luckily we had enough time to head back later that day to go up and also find CJ a guy to kiss. Unfortunately for her I'm pretty sure the guy we found didn't bat for her team. C'est la vie!

Tonight we head to wine country in Bordeaux — the southern region of France. We definitely found some trouble to get into here. You won't want to miss it! So watch the show at 7:30pm on Nine this Thursday, and check back here for more behind-the-scenes stories.

Happy travels!

User comments
Hi Team Boy I love your shows, but you miss a beautiful Island in the Ionion sea. This Island is where all the immegrants fled from after WW11 to Australia. In fact the Island is known around the world as LITTLE AUSTRALIA because most of the men migrated here to Australia and America to better their lives later bringing out their womenfolk. We found most started up Cafe,s in nearly all country towns and when they got money returned there to rebuild their old homes, This Island is the true Island of Afraditis the supposed Goddes of Love Please while your there take a look at the Island of KYTHERA. Jim Comino
Disgusting. I find it disturbing that you chose to highlight the immaturity and senseless attitude of people who partake in tormenting creatures for the sake of sport and a cheap thrill. I turned of the television half way through the episode in disgust. I'm sure others did too. It's funny as I don't watch much TV but thought I would take the time to watch Getaway as it is usually fantastic, however I was severely disappointed. I won't be watching Getaway again and I don't think others will either.

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