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The European Road Trip

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Meet the cast of the newest Getaway segment — the European Road Trip

For more than 40 years there's been a proud tradition among young Australian travellers: strap on a backpack, hop a flight to London, and do Europe. And now, to celebrate this rite of passage, Getaway has invited four adventurous Aussies to travel around Europe together in a campervan.

The only catch is they were strangers until Getaway brought them together. After meeting in London they collected their van and the adventure began with a ferry crossing to Amsterdam. From there they followed the Rhine to Cologne in Germany en route to Paris. The road trip continued through the south of France before winding up with a big finale at the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

Over the course of six weeks Courtney, CJ, Eloise and Gabe experience the great sights of Europe and learn a lot about travelling and each other.


Age: 23

Job: Child care worker who minds kids after school

Into: Surfing, kayaking, surfboat rowing, skating, snowboarding, tennis, soccer


Age: 21

Job: Model. Describes himself more as "renaissance man/artist"

Into: Being a renaissance man — open, naked, romantic and free-spirited


Age: 21

Job: Customer service

Into: Yoga, cooking, acting, watching movies, dancing, hanging with friends


Age: 23

Job: Photographer's assistant

Into: Netball, touch footy, poker, coffee, skiing, socialising with friends, watching documentaries

Join the guys on their first adventure this Thursday at 7:30pm on Channel 9, and read their behind-the-scenes blogs here each week!

User comments
Hey just wondering whether there's plans for another eauropean trip in the near future!?
Give CJ a hosting job! She's........mmmmmm-mmmmmmmm!
The concept of thiis segment is great and I would love to see more of real life, everyday Aussies travelling. I can see it expanding to people travel our big brown land or a family travelling around NZ in a campervan (if you need a family of 4 let me know!) The one thing that gets me each week when I see this segment is that Gabe could so easily pass for Michael Hutchence, the late great singer from INXS.
So today the Danish people in Australia startet contacting me, telling me that I was seen kissing CJ under the Eiffel tower. Guess it was just shown in Australia then... Anyway, was in Paris with my friend after filming a show for Danish television called Ford Boyard, as this crew stopped us asking to kiss CJ directly under the eiffel tower. So, I had a little champange, kissed and went on hehe... Fun to hear about it now... Hope it was a succes. Nick Zitouni - the guy from under the tower...
I think this segment rocks! CJ is a little bit of a princess but I think by putting her in a campervan and sending her around Europe shows that even little princesses can adjust and have fun, which means anyone can! I think you should get them back to Australia and do the same thing around OZ…… get young Aussies travelling around our own back yard and spending their money here. Wish I had of seen this when I was younger, maybe i would have pulled my finger out and travelled more
gabe= beautiful
Looks incredibly familiar to me! Has she been on a different TV show - or could I possibly know her - I live in Frankston near Melbourne!
a little bit gorgeous... ...and the hair... =)
I have always love Getaway, but I am a bit disapointed at the way you have portrayed this magnificent and cultual city. The red-light district is only a small area of the city and as a young women living here, I have never experienced any trouble walking though the district alone, late at night on my way home or with a group of friends. I think CJ was just jealous, the guys were looking at other beautiful women and not giving her enough attention. She must have lived an extremely sheltered life it some drunken tourist upset her so much. I have had worse things happen in Brisbane or Melbourne nightclubs! Kings Cross in Sydney is much worse! she needs to grow up and get over it! That said Amsterdam has over 200 museums and you did not mention one!! There is so much history and culture to discover in Holland and you finished the show on a sour note..I do not think this program did much for our tourism...Please be advised that the Red-light district is safe with police patrol regularly.
CJ annoys me sooo much! The show would be fabulous without her. Getaway what were you thinking when you picked such an inarticulate girl? I can't watch the show because of her.....ahhhh

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